World's First Self-help Singer-songwriter Proves Researchers Wrong by Meeting New Year's Resolutions

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Are New Year's Resolutions hopeless? Researchers seem to think so. World's first self-help singer-songwriter leads the way by showing the world what's possible through Healing Music. What has he accomplished and what are his secrets to success?

Joe Vitale, a star in the hit movie "The Secret" and author of numerous bestselling books, such as Zero Limits has beat the odds and turned into a full-fledged musician -- meeting his New Year's Resolution goals, or as he prefers to call them, "Positive Predictions."

Recently, the Boston Globe was quoted as saying that researchers have finally acknowledged that there's an 80% failure rate against New Year's Resolutions and that "it's probably better not to make those January 1st promises at all."

Vitale couldn't disagree more. A huge proponent for setting goals and sticking to them -- being new to the music industry -- he completed his first music CD in 2011, a second CD in 2012 and has two more in the works, set to release in the coming year!

Blue Healer is Vitale’s first album that is an original creation of Healing Music. Each track helps heal, releases stress, and boosts creativity…Blues/New Age style. Blue Healer is a fusion genre CD that is specifically designed to move energy through you and help you feel great. Vitale says that "One track (#4) in particular is so potent that I doubt any problem or issue can remain while you listen to it. I describe it as 'a freight train up your spine,' as it opens all the chakras and leads to a satori experience of awakening." Obviously, the inspiration must have moved through Vitale quite fast, thus allowing him to complete his very first album in just two months!

Vitale played as many as seven instruments to create this music, including a very rare 1915 Gibson Harp Guitar and he states that “The idea behind all of these breakthrough audios is to allow the high vibration of inspired music to work on you. Blue Healer will inspire you. Blue Healer will open your creative mind."

You can listen to a sampler and get a copy of Blue Healer today at
His second album called Strut!, is Vitale’s very first debut as the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter. In this album, you will hear lyrics Vitale wrote himself, sang himself as well as instruments he played himself.

Learning how to write lyrics, sing and play guitar was a brand new category for Vitale, of which he struggled with at first. What he realized was that the struggle he was experiencing wasn’t real; not in any outward, measurable way. The struggle was within, the conscious and unconscious thoughts of self-judgment that made him fight with his own progress.

Vitale's formula for success?

He would remind himself that his goal was to sing, play, learn, and most importantly, to have FUN.
He worked for months with dynamic passion, training with various coaches for guitar, voice and overall musical lessons. He increased his practice outside of scheduled lessons and intensified his focus even more and because of that focused discipline, he found out the limits he thought he had reached were only the stepping stones to higher planes of achievement.

Setting himself up for this challenge, Vitale found a new way to stretch his talents, exceed his potential, dare something worthy and achieve what others might call improbable. He learned that the line he was able to cross was the self-imposed limitation of his own potential.

The end result? Because of that level of determination, the world now has access to pure-sound healing enjoyment. The songs on Strut! are positive songs of motivation, inspiration and transformation; songs you can feel in your spine! It only took Vitale one year to complete his very first singer-songwriter album with 11 original songs.

Strut! has just been released and the music can be sampled at:

Vitale’s third album Aligning to Zero, with Mathew Dixon, rounds out his musical trifecta. These three albums have all been created, written and recorded in less than 17 months!

Aligning to Zero, shares something in common with the aforementioned CDs; it is also a healing CD, though the healing on this album is focused on the cleansing power of Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that is done through a mental discipline called, "Cleaning."

This is the world’s first healing CD recorded with a special cleaning guitar. This amazing purple guitar (said to be a high vibrational color and Vitale's favorite), was specifically designed by Vitale and includes the four Ho’oponopono cleaning phrases with yin~yang symbols placed beneath the mantra, all made with mother of pearl. It is a truly magical instrument.

The seven healing tracks on Aligning to Zero, are each played in a certain key and each key has a specific vibrational frequency that resonates with different points in your body. With the entire CD being instrumental, the flow is nice and soothing, seamlessly going through a series of keys, all emanating a cleansing affect. Each specific music key has been carefully crafted to interweave magically within each track to help shift your mood by erasing the negative data stored in our unconscious minds, according to the teachings of Ho'oponopono. Vitale has also recorded subliminal Ho'oponopono phrases that have been embedded into the songs to reach below your conscious awareness, allowing for greater ease in aligning with the Divine.

The third in Vitale's Healing Music series only took two and a half months to complete!

Take a peek at the titles and feel the energy…

1 - Aligning - (played in the key of C).
2 - Please Forgive Me - (played in D sharp).
3 - I'm Sorry - (played in E flat).
4 - Thank You - (played in the key of F).
5 - I Love You - (played in the key of G).
6 - Zero Limits - (played in the key of A).
7 - At Zero - (played in the key of B).

Stay tuned...Aligning to Zero is coming soon in 2012!
Check frequently for updates and details!

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