EasyWater Launches Most Innovative Drinking Water Filtration on Market

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First, the Revolutionary EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner and Now Introducing RevitaLife.

RevitaLife is different because it adds a very important step to the process — calcium and other beneficial minerals are added back to your drinking water.

EasyWater, the leader in innovative water treatment for 25 years, has done it again! Recognizing early on that over 85% of the U. S. has hard water, the EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner revolutionized the water treatment industry with EasyWater’s salt-free, zero maintenance approach to solving hard water problems.

Leveraging its engineering and design expertise and years of water treatment experience, now EasyWater has developed a technologically advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) product — the EasyWater RevitaLife Drinking Water System. “Typical RO systems will remove odors and pollutants, but they also remove healthy minerals and usually lower the pH of your water to an acidic level. RevitaLife is different because it adds a very important step to the process — calcium and other beneficial minerals are added back to your drinking water,” said William F. Freije, III, President/CEO of EasyWater. The EasyWater RevitaLife Drinking Water System combines reverse osmosis technology with a unique remineralizing process that restores beneficial minerals, raises the pH to a more natural level and greatly improves the taste of drinking water. RevitaLife also utilizes a non-electric pump to improve water-efficiency by up to 80%, when compared to traditional RO systems.

During a recent interview on the Dr. Oz TV Show with Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, Dr. Oz expressed his concern regarding the harmful contaminants in our drinking water such as cancer-causing arsenic. He also stated that approximately 40% of children have dental fluorosis. A child may face the condition called dental fluorosis if he or she gets too much fluoride during the years of tooth development. Too much fluoride can result in defects in tooth enamel. In severe cases of dental fluorosis, the appearance of the teeth is marred by discoloration or brown markings. The enamel may be pitted, rough, and hard to clean. Dr. Oz emphasized the importance of installing an RO system in your home to help protect against these and many more dangerous contaminants. To learn more about what may be in your drinking water, click here to find the Consumer Confidence Report for your area.

When asked about drinking bottled water as a safer alternative to drinking tap water, Mike Perkinson, Director of Water Treatment Products at EasyWater, who has over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry said, “Most people think drinking bottled water is safe. That isn’t necessarily true. In an independent study of the bottled water industry conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, it showed that bottled water is not guaranteed to be safer than tap water. The report also mentioned about one-third of the water tested contained levels of contamination including synthetic organic chemicals and arsenic. RevitaLife was especially designed to protect your drinking water by effectively removing those contaminants along with lead, fluoride, chromium 6, sodium, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and many more. And it restores healthy minerals.”

And as for the Revolutionizing EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner? EasyWater continues to solve hard water problems for thousands and thousands of homeowners across the country to remove and prevent build-up of limescale, thereby extending the life of their water heaters, plumbing and water-using appliances throughout the home, without adding salt or chemicals to your water. Watch how it works to learn more about the EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner.

“It’s our sincerest hope that someday every home will have cleaner and safer bathing, cooking and drinking water.” said William Freije.

About EasyWater
With over 25 years of excellence in the water treatment industry, EasyWater is a world leader in developing technologically advanced and environmentally responsible products that improve the quality of residential, commercial and industrial water, without the use of salt or chemicals. EasyWater holds itself accountable to be good stewards of our natural resources by making products that help protect and preserve our environment, and improve the health and well-being of mankind. EasyWater, The EASY Solution for Your Water Problems.

For more information, contact EasyWater at (317) 336-3300 or visit EasyWater.com.

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