People Over 50 Face Increased Risk of Shingles, But Now Relief from Embarrassing and Painful Symptoms Can Be Found With Electro Waveform Technology

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Shingles, warts, cold sores, herpes and other uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions can be treated quickly and effectively before symptoms even appear with the VyGone Inhibitor Zapper

For people who suffer from shingles or any of these viruses, relief is available.

The virus that causes shingles, or Shingle Herpes Zoster, lies dormant in the body’s cells until triggered by weakened immunity, illness, trauma or stress. People over 50 are much more likely than the rest of the population to contract shingles, which is associated with Chicken Pox. Until now, a fast and reliable shingles treatment was not widely available.
But relief from the painful, humiliating symptoms of shingles can now be found with the VyGone Inhibitor Zapper. This all-natural and non-invasive instrument uses electro waveform technology to treat the symptoms of shingles and other conditions caused by microscopic viruses.

When applied to infected areas, the mild electro waveform released by the VyGone Zapper stops viral activities and allows fast natural healing, often before blisters and lesions ever appear
For treatment of shingles, simply apply the VyGone Inhibitor Zapper early, during stinging, to help prevent rash and blisters and stop pain and agony. Apply the zapper to painful sites up to eight times daily, for several days, until pain eases. Choose points of greatest pain, targeting rash and blisters first. The Zapper can be applied to numerous sites. Depending on severity, recovery can take longer in some people than others.

The initial symptoms of shingles include skin sensitivity, stinging, burning and raw pain. But within a few days, a red rash typically appears and pox-like blisters may form, bleed, pus and scab over. The shingles Virus is only transmitted by blisters to others not previously infected with chicken pox, such as infants.

For one shingles sufferer from Utah, who asked to remain anonymous, his shingles symptoms made his life miserable.

“If you have never suffered with shingles, you cannot imagine the agony one experiences 24 hours a day,” the sufferer said. “One outbreak kept me from work as blisters became weeping sores. That’s when I found the Viral Inhibitor Pro. As I applied it, irritations quickly went away and the rash disappeared. The whole event was over in just a few days and I was back to work. I am grateful for the Viral Inhibitor Pro. I will keep it handy, you can count on that!”

VyGone also can be used for the symptoms of viruses caused by genital sores, shingles, molluscum, moles, warts and other conditions

The VyGone Inhibitor Zapper comes in two models – the VyGone Zapper Pro, which is good for thousands and thousands of treatments, and the VyGone Zapper Plus, which is good for around a thousand treatments.

Cold sore sufferers also can benefit from the VyGone Zapper. Once cold sores erupt, the embarrassing, humiliating blisters and lesions form in and around the mouth often stay visible for throughout their 7 to 14 day cycle.

But if the VyGone Zapper is applied when the telltale tingling that precedes a cold sore eruption occurs, it stimulates neural signals that stop blisters and lesions from appearing. This electrical device provides an all-natural, safe remedy which allows the body’s fast healing immune system to quickly suppress cold sores until their next eruption.

A typically cold sore can be dealt with in four to eight treatments. However, you can treat it as many times as you would like, and it can be used up to every half hour until the symptoms disappear.
The VyGone Zapper mainly targets Herpes viruses associated with cold sores (oral Herpes), shingles, genital Herpes, and molluscum. But it also is successful in relieving symptoms of body warts, moles and other growths caused by Herpes.

The Zapper is harmless, non-invasive, non-chemical, non-addictive and has no side-effects. Handheld and portable, the Zapper is private and close at hand for an attack. Over time, with consistent use, viral attacks lessen in frequency, severity and duration.

For people who suffer from shingles or any of these viruses, relief is available. The Vygone Zapper is the most effective treatment for shingles available, so you can and get long-lasting relief. For more information about the electro waveform technology used by the VyGone Zapper, visit our website at


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