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Evan Dodge's "Reasonable Views" Brings Thoughtful Discussion To An Often Unreasonable Political Landscape

Just when the impulsive hyperbole from political pundits is reaching a new level of bi-partisan clamor, here comes a new blog that serves up fresh, smart commentary from a unique perspective. An alternative to the mainstream media's herd mentality, Evan Dodge's "Reasonable Views" stands as an intersection of knowledgeable, well-researched analysis and opinion that takes on an independent slant. Though written from a Conservative Republican perspective, "Reasonable Views" has no dog in the fight, so to speak - no political or commercial entity to answer to. Evan Dodge brings a fresh, and often new, perspective to the debate and constantly re-examines conventional wisdom. With that freedom, Evan is frequently the first one out the gate, writing about people, events and ideas that show up a day or two - or more - before the mainstream media.

When Rick Perry joined the race for the Republican nomination, his lackluster showing in the first debate was not truly spotlighted by the media. Evan's unique understanding inspired him to write in "Reasonable Views" that if Perry did not recover quickly, in the second debate, and sort out his opinions on a number of issues, he would have a very hard time maintaining his popularity. It was only after that disappointing performance for Perry in the second debate that the media began the discussion that Evan had addressed previously.

When Herman Cain was just an afterthought for the media in the Republican line-up, Evan wrote in "Reasonable Views" that – though he could not win the nomination – Cain could very well become the temporary front runner. Only a week or so later, did the mainstream media, from all viewpoints, follow suit. When Cain dropped out, Evan wrote "Requiem for a Candidate," pointing out what Cain could have done differently. Within a week, there were at least 10 other similarly-themed articles put out.

Evan Dodge and "Reasonable Views" was early to the Newt party. Back in October, when Gingrich was at only 7% in the polls, Evan declared after the Las Vegas debate Newt was on his way to a lead. When it came to Rick Santorum, Evan saw how he might be viable in Iowa, before anyone else was talking about it. He mapped out, numerically, how Santorum could win or finish with a commanding segment of the vote.

On other topics concerning the economy, policy and the future of this country, Evan Dodge and "Reasonable Views" is always at the forefront of well-thought out and researched opinion. Bringing up topics that no one else is talking about (such as the unemployment issue on a state level, not just as a national problem, as evidenced by the discrepancies in various states unemployment numbers), and trying to bring everyone into the conversation, Evan is a singular voice that doesn't have to go along with a particular brand or party orthodoxy. "Reasonable Views" is a rare voice in big but often homogenized media circus. Evan and his smart, entertaining and always thought-provoking pieces represent a huge segment of the American population. His writing is strong and persuasive, backed up with data, history and informed opinion.

It's people like Evan Dodge who decide who wins elections. He represents conservative-leaning people who are looking for a solution but not willing to accept one they don't find "reasonable." With the entry of "Reasonable Views," a true harbinger of our times, the blogosphere welcomes a different voice, one that is sorely needed amidst the noise.


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