Fruitarians From Across The Globe Gather Together To Increase Planetary Well-Being

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Up to 700 fruitarians from all over the World will gather together for fitness, fruit, and fun, and also most importantly to help spread the message of dietary health. The 2nd annual Woodstock Fruit Festival will take place in the Southern Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

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Up to 700 fruitarians from all over the World will gather together for fitness, fruit, and fun, and also most importantly to help spread the message of dietary health. The 2nd annual Woodstock Fruit Festival will take place in the Southern Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

The event will be the World’s largest and most influential Fruitarian Festival; bringing together in one location some of the top experts on fruit and fruit diets, attracting people of all ages from a multitude of countries.

In a World where the human form is taking on ever-increasing dimensions; and obesity, heart disease and cancer rates are growing at alarming rates, the need for a healthy, ethical, and sustainable diet has never been higher.

Woodstock strives to address the many advantages of eating more fruit; embracing health, ethical, as well as environmental benefits. The Festival strongly believes that one of the best things you can do for your own health and the health of the Planet is to eat more fruit!

One of the foremost proponents of the Fruitarian movement is company CEO, New York resident and elite athlete Michael Arnstein.

Arnstein says, of his reasons for founding the Woodstock Fruit Festival, “Obesity, disease, sedentary lifestyles, these are the modern day plagues of our society. It is literally a life or death situation for the human species. A fruit based diet provides peak sustainable health, a fountain of youth, a return to nature. The goal of the festival is to spread the wealth of health through a fruit based diet.”

Arnstein brought his vision of uniting fruit lovers from all over the globe to fruition when the first Woodstock Fruit Festival debuted to great acclaim in 2011.
This yearly event brings together some of the world’s best-known raw vegan athletes, and health pioneers. Speakers at last year’s event included best-selling health author Dr. Douglas N. Graham; champion trail runner Tim Van Orden; founders of one of the most popular raw food websites,, Harley Johnstone and Freelee Love; YouTube favorite Dan ‘The Man’ McDonald; cutting edge author, causing a stir in the evolutionary scientific community, Tony Wright; internationally-published fruitarian author Anne Osborne; and expert on children’s diet and nutrition Karen Ranzi.

Main speaker at the 2011 event, Dr. Graham had this to say about the festival:
"I've been to every kind of food festival there is, but never have I seen anything that can hold a candle to the WFF. EVERY SINGLE PERSON at the event was happy, and usually thrilled to be there. Whether you come for the food, the fitness, the friendships, or just for plain old fun, the WFF has it all, and then some. This is an event that I intend to never miss, and I hope I will get to meet you there.”

Everyone knows that eating fruit is good for you, but maybe not so well-known is that there are increasing numbers of elite athletes thriving, and improving their performances on raw fruit diets. An example is festival founder Michael Arnstein who is considered an elite ultramarathon runner, winning many 100 mile ultramarathons fuelled by fruit!

Woodstock 2012 presents a unique opportunity for meeting these athletes and attending their fitness classes and lectures.

In addition to improving fitness, eating more fruit is one of the best ways to encourage tree planting and offsetting the Planet’s carbon footprint.

The festival is also concerned with challenging the way people think. Englishman Tony Wright, is doing just that with the revolutionary ideas in his book, ‘Left in the Dark’. Wright is amazing scientists with ‘Left in the Dark’, which shows how diet is vital in shaping human evolution. Professor Colin Groves (ANU) had this to say regarding Wright’s ground-breaking work:
“It will be, it must be, taken very seriously in any discussion of human origins.”

Wright is backing up those who choose a fruitarian diet as being the most optimal way to eat with his own ground-breaking scientific research; research that suggests there is a species-wide hormonal retardation. A theory that all modern-day humans have brain damage as a result of moving away from their original tropical symbiotic fruit diet. Fruit is a very complex food, rich in vital anti-oxidants and undiscovered compounds that create a hormonal environment for optimal brain function and development.

Wright has spent the past 20 years researching the symbiosis between fruit and human development, and he states the result of this research is, “Potentially the greatest discovery in modern times.”

With modern science and eminent scientists supporting his findings, Wright hopes to be able to help avert the potential health and environmental catastrophe facing the human race.

Woodstock 2012 will give attendees the opportunity to meet face-to-face the pioneers of the Fruitarian Movement, attend lectures, participate in fitness classes, unwind with yoga, enjoy watersports, try out tremendous trail runs, make use of amazing athletic facilities, and feast on some of the best quality organic fruit in the United States — all within the beautiful pristine environment of the Southern Adriondack Mountains in Upstate New York.

Encouraging families to attend is at the heart of the Woodstock Fruit Festival’s philosophy. Families are warmly welcomed, and all children under ten can attend the event totally free of charge. Woodstock 2012 aims to provide a wide range of artistic and sporting activities for children of all ages.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival exists to connect all those interested in high-fruit diets, to share information, inspiration, and ideas, and to promote fruit-based diets as vitally important to humanity. As one of last year’s speakers, veteran fruitarian and gymnast Robert Lockhart, says "If you want to die young, but as late as possible, then you need to embrace the Fruitarian Lifestyle!”

If you would like more information on this unique event, or to arrange an interview, please contact
Yuliya Yakhontova, Event Administrator: yuliya_yakhontova(at)yahoo(dot)com
Anne Osborne, Event Liaison: fruitbatanne(at)yahoo(dot)com
Michael Arnstein, Event founder: marnstein(at)hotmail(dot)com


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