Shmoop Launches AP European History Guide

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For students interested in acing the AP European History exam, Shmoop now has an extensive guide with full-length practice exams.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of a new online course to help students prepare for their AP European History exam.

Shmoop's11-unit guide marches readers through the pivotal events that reshaped European history.

The Shmoop guide to AP European History examines the social and cultural issues from the turn of the 15th century to the present. True, Europe has been around since long before the 15th century, but not much happened before then—at least according to the AP test. In a nutshell? Some guys walked around in togas and fought some pretty epic wars. If a student is more of a visual learner, they can also rent Troy.

Shmoop will help students tackle those Europe-related questions that fester in their brain at night:
●    Whatever happened to the first Defenestration of Prague? How many times has it been defenestrated since?
●    How many Napoleons are too many Napoleons? The dictator, not the cream pastry...when it comes to those, the more the merrier.
●    Why is it a terrible idea to start a land war in Russia in the middle of winter (aside from missing the next season of Russia’s Got Talent and Russian Idol)?
●    What caused Czechoslovakia to split? Irreconcilable differences?
●    Why is starting a new Church with a capital “C” the most melodramatic response ever to a bad marriage?

Shmoop has answers. In fact, Shmoop zeroes in on Europe’s technology, politics, culture, religion, ideologies, war, economics, art, literature and more. Shmoop also put together a glossary of relevant terms and key players at the end of each unit, so students can keep all their Henrys, Williams and Edwards straight.

As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The same goes for History class, so brush up on those wars, treaties and revolutions.

Start gellin’ like Magellan with Shmoop’s guide to AP European History.

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