BedBug Shredder Brings a New Three Step Solution for Killing BedBugs

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Three step process combines non-toxic mechanical methods with laundry additive and spray to create a complete solution.

Scientists have combined three different steps to create Planet Amazing's "Bed Bug Shredder" product, with the first step being a dust that attaches itself to the legs of bed bugs, according to Planet Amazing spokesperson Justin Douglas. The dust is used on carpets and is non-toxic. Mr. Douglas says that scientists studied the bugs for years before coming up with a way to actually disable them from movement using the dust.

The problem is serious, says Mr. Douglas: "People are looking for a bed bug cure. Serious bed bug infestations and chronic attacks can cause anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Development of refractory delusional parasitosis is possible, as victims develop an overwhelming obsession with bedbugs."

According to news service CNN, bedbugs have increased to epidemic proportions in the last 10 years. For example, CNN says that in New York City for the two year period of 2003 to 2004 there were a total of 82 occurences of bed bug infestations, while in the year of 2009 to 2010 in the same city there were over 9,500 occurences of bed bugs, which is more than a 10,000% increase. CNN says "a professional extermination to deal with a problem that all too often won't go away costs somewhere between $200 to $1500 -- per room," making it expensive to deal with the problem.

"BedBug Shredder can solve this problem with the three step scientific process," Mr. Douglas says. "It's a complete three part system that kills every last bedbug in your house. Because it's a mechanical killer bedbugs cannot become immune to it's killing strength like ordinary pesticides. Its ingredients are recognized by the United States EPA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective). Its main ingredients are non-toxic to humans and pets so you can apply it yourself without hiring an expensive service."

"Bedbugs have to travel across floors and carpets to get to your bed," Mr. Douglas explains. "Scientists discovered a way to stop them without using chemicals, and it is the first step of our process. We make sure they never make the trip across your carpet to your bed or anywhere else. BedBugShredder carpet dust kills bed bugs by simply shredding their intestines. The rough microcrystal spears are specially refined to destroy bed bugs mechanically and not chemically. These micro crystals attach to the legs and bodies of bed bugs as they crawl across it. When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out, resulting in internal bleeding, mass dehydration and ultimately death. Because of the microscopic size of the crystals in BedBugShredder, carpet dust is harmless to your family and pets as their intestinal tracts are hundreds times the size of that of the bed bugs. Its fine white powder lightly covers the immediate area of infestation, typically around the bed, furniture, for just a few days, that's all it takes for those areas to be bed bug free. It's simple to apply and you never have to worry about it harming your family or pets."

For more information, visit the Bed Bug Shredder website, or its bedbug cure page.

About Planet Amazing is the premier manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of organic and inorganic “GRAS” solutions that anyone…no matter their experience…can use to eliminate real everyday problems.


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