Cloud Computing Survey Illustrates the Changing Attitudes of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

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Business Web Hosting plans conducted a survey of over 500 businesses to find out if small and medium-sized businesses are adapting to cloud computing technology. The results showed how many of the respondents are using cloud computing, and for how long, as well as their major concerns about turning their computer applications over to an outside source.

Cloud computing survey results:

Business Web Hosting Plans state that the cloud computing survey recently conducted indicate how private users are currently availing themselves of cloud computing services far more than small and midsized businesses. However, 25% of businesses that have used cloud computing solutions have done so for 2.5 years, and that seventy-five percent of these respondents have been using this technology for even longer.

“The results show that small and medium-sized businesses have benefited from shifting a significant workload from their computers to a cloud computing system”, Business Web Hosting Plans representative Ryan Newman said.

“For example,” Newman continued, “normally, you have to purchase software along with licenses for each of your employees. That can get very expensive. With cloud computing, you only need to load one application using the cloud computing system’s interface software. The savings are substantial.”

Cloud computing concerns:
The survey also revealed respondents’ concerns with cloud computing technology. Among them were security, interoperability, compliance, reliability, privacy, and cost.

Newman stated, “Although these are logical concerns, they are not necessarily legitimate concerns. The concerns stem from not understanding how cloud computing systems operate.”

“If a business’ in-house network infrastructure is secure and follows best industry practices,” Newman continued, “then that infrastructure will support cloud-based applications with the same level of security. As for interoperability, transferring data via cloud computing is normally fast, easy, and smooth.”

Business Web Hosting Plans says that although there are still kinks to work out, at this point the technology is advancing so rapidly that any problems that exist can be easily resolved.

What is cloud computing?
The term “cloud computing” refers to an advancing technology that uses the Internet for many of the jobs for which individuals and businesses no longer have to their private or business computers.

Newman said, “Without realizing it, many people are probably already using cloud computing services. All web-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! are cloud computing applications.”

Business Web Hosting Plans reports that industry experts believe cloud computing technology is not just the wave of the future, but that it is happening right now. They recommend businesses jump in and get their feet wet, but not without first consulting with professionals who can recommend the best cloud computing providers.


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