Orchestra Nova San Diego Reaches for the Stars

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Orchestra Nova continues to demonstrate solid success and trajectory in its 2011-2012 season.

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It seems to me that orchestras currently sit somewhere between two positions: those who see the challenges of the future and are flexible enough to move to meet and embrace them and those who are wed to the traditional ‘us and them’ model.

Orchestra Nova announces it has achieved unprecedented fundraising heights in its recent 2011-2012 fundraising drive conducted in December. This follows on the heels of ending its 2010-2011 season in the black, a rarity in the arts these days. The December drive yielded several key metrics which underscore the organization’s solid and growing success:
1.    Orchestra Nova quadrupled the total amount of donations received this season over last season.
2.    Over 30 percent of donations came from first-time donors, indicating that Orchestra Nova is clearly reaching new audiences, while nurturing its loyal donation base.
3.    The average donation amount this season was $237, double the average gift of last season.
4.    Orchestra Nova received a generous corporate challenge from locally-headquartered HME, which inspired nearly twice as many donors to give this season.

“We are proud to be one of the sponsors of Orchestra Nova,” said Harry Miyahira, founder of HME. “Leadership at the top reflects the innovations of the Orchestra Nova product.”

Orchestra Nova has doubled its staff over the last year to manage its growing success, and it has increased its budget this year by 25 percent. In addition, Orchestra Nova has sold out every Nova Classics concert to date this season, and current sales are on track for the remainder of the performances to sell out as well.

Behind all of this success is an organization with a vision and mission that is quite different from those of most orchestras. Under the leadership of the dynamic artistic director Jung-Ho Pak, Orchestra Nova is focused on delivering an extraordinary music experience, one that better connects today’s audiences to beautifully and artfully played classical music by engaging all of the senses in a unique and theatrical lobby and concert hall experience. Immersing the orchestra’s guests in sights, sounds and tastes in the theme of a performance brings relevance, emotion and enthusiasm to guests in a way not found in traditional orchestral performances.

“It was Jung-Ho’s vision that started us – and has kept us – on the path to the success we’re seeing today,” says Beverly Lambert, chief executive officer. “We’re wrapping an experience around classical music that I don’t believe any other orchestra in the country is doing today, and our guests are responding with gusto.”

As a result, not only has Orchestra Nova seen unprecedented financial success but also it has begun to garner national attention and engage more high-profile music entities. In December, it was asked to perform with Celtic Woman at their opening performance of a national tour. Most recently, Orchestra Nova was proud to share the stage with internationally renowned rock fusion guitarist Billy McLaughlin in a unique performance paring an orchestra and acoustic guitar to be broadcast nationally later this year.

Others in the industry are recognizing the Orchestra Nova difference. “It seems to me that orchestras currently sit somewhere between two positions: those who see the challenges of the future and are flexible enough to move to meet and embrace them and those who are wed to the traditional ‘us and them’ model that has led to so many problems for orchestras globally,” said John Page, artistic director and conductor for Celtic Woman. “I have to say, of all the groups, Orchestra Nova clearly aligns itself very much to the first position. The willingness to collaborate and get involved, the clear sighted vision that there's no room for complacency and musicians have to embrace all and the wonderful attitude of the players stands out for me as one of the healthiest and most fun groups we had.”

About Orchestra Nova
Under the dynamic leadership of artistic director Jung-Ho Pak, chief executive officer Beverly Lambert and board president, Dr. Samuel Dychter, Orchestra Nova is on an exciting mission to provide a dramatic music experience that is extraordinary in every way. Unlike many classical music organizations, Orchestra Nova is enjoying unprecedented financial and artistic success as it continues to demonstrate its fresh and open approach to making classical music entertaining, emotional and relevant to today’s audiences. The Nova Experience begins once you enter the door and are immersed in the lobby experience that sets the stage for the evening's concert which includes creative programming, multimedia presentations, unique interaction with artistic director Pak and unsurpassed musicianship.

Orchestra Nova is deeply committed to music education and has one of the most extensive programs in San Diego County, engaging thousands of students through programs that are low-cost, self-sustainable and long-lasting.

For more information, visit orchestranova.org.

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