Best-Selling "Think Twice" Insider Trading Prevention Videos Celebrate 20 Years

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For two decades, the dramatic Think Twice video series has been a vital training and compliance resource for thousands of corporations and law firms trying to prevent insider-trading violations. The Think Twice videos are celebrated for enhancing the value of corporate education by entertaining viewers with compelling stories. Now the series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a relaunch of the Think Twice website,

Every year, insider trading and tipping in company stock wreak havoc on the lives of people who either did not know they were breaking the law or believed they could not be caught. For companies, teaching employees about the laws of insider trading can prevent violations and the harrowing consequences of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Justice Department. For more than two decades, the vivid Think Twice video series ( has been the leading corporate tool for insider-trading education, prevention, and legal compliance. Developed by Brumberg Publications with input from the SEC and the Association of Corporate Counsel, Think Twice uses expertise, entertainment, and gripping stories to teach employees about the dangers of insider trading and tipping—and how to avoid them.

"We're extremely proud of the series," says Think Twice co-founder Bruce Brumberg, a securities lawyer by training who started Brumberg Publications in 1986. "With its focus on entertainment as well as expertise, Think Twice lets companies sweeten the pill of insider-trading education by mesmerizing employees with a good story. The videos have risen to cult-classic status at some companies. The New York Times has even compared it to the training-video greats Reefer Madness and Red Asphalt."

Viewers of the Think Twice videos learn and remember:

  •     what constitutes insider trading
  •     why insider trading is wrong and how it harms others
  •     how the SEC discovers illegal activity
  •     the relentless methods the SEC uses to investigate violations
  •     the dangers of lying under oath to federal investigators
  •     the financial penalties for insider trading and tipping
  •     the life-changing consequences of a conviction and jail sentence
  •     what happens if illegal tipping or trading is suspected

The videos complement each other perfectly as a series, but they are not dependent on each other. Each video can stand on its own as a training tool, and comes with a presentation guide to maximize effectiveness.

Two Decades Of Excellence

In 2012, the Think Twice series and its producers at Brumberg Publications are celebrating 20 years of excellence in corporate training and legal-compliance tools for insider-trading prevention. Thousands of companies use Think Twice for insider-trading prevention and compliance. Prudential Insurance calls the series "emotionally effective in conveying the personal consequences of insider trading," while Gillette finds it a "useful and effective teaching tool...worth the investment."

Think Twice: The Original

The first video in the series, Think Twice: The Original, is a 38-minute drama whose vintage feel, intriguing storyline, and shocking scenes of arrest and confession have made it a bestseller among companies. Performed by professional actors and prominent securities lawyers, including a former SEC commissioner, the drama:

  •     shows conduct that constitutes insider trading and tipping
  •     clearly demonstrates why those who engage in insider tipping and trading cannot escape being caught and prosecuted
  •     memorably portrays employees of a fictional company who suffer financial, criminal, and personal consequences because of their actions

Think Twice: The Sequel

Though not dependent on the Original, the 18-minute drama Think Twice: The Sequel revisits the same fictional company to show new insider-trading problems. With a contemporary feel, a superb cast of actors, and fast TV-style pace, the Sequel is perhaps the most popular video in the series. In addition to its clear portrayal of the rules against insider trading and tipping, the story leaves viewers with a jarring sense of the consequences violators suffer when pursued and nabbed by the SEC. The Sequel:

  •     portrays SEC investigators engaged in a ruthlessly intelligent investigation of suspicious trading patterns
  •     features a new cast of devious perpetrators and misdirected would-be do-gooders
  •     presents problems with insider trading and tipping that involve the internet, including email and online discussion forums

Think Twice II

Taking the form of a documentary rather than a drama, Think Twice II features a captivating interview with William McLucas, the head of the SEC's Enforcement Division at the time of filming. The video:

  •     covers the fundamentals of insider trading
  •     explains the diligent and relentless methods the SEC uses to discover and prosecute insider trading
  •     includes reenactments of memorable and sometimes chilling stories of real SEC investigations

How To Learn More About The Think Twice Video Series

The home of the Think Twice video series is the newly relaunched website More than just a showcase for the videos, the Think Twice website is an online destination of resources for companies interested in preventing insider trading and tipping by employees.

  •     Order either one video or the whole series.
  •     Request information about licensing the videos for corporate intranets.
  •     Watch entertaining trailers of the videos.
  •     Read more about the Think Twice series.
  •     Access free written resources on insider trading and tipping.

Previews are available by request to qualified buyers. To order, visit or call 617-734-1979. Special pricing is available for the purchse of multiple copies or an intranet license.

What Are Insider Trading And Tipping?

Insider trading is illegal. It occurs when someone knows important but secret information about a company and then trades that company's securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, call options) to gain an advantage when the stock price moves after the information is released. Insider tipping is also illegal. It means telling others about secret stock-price-moving information. The laws of insider trading and tipping apply to everybody, not just high-ranking company insiders or executives. Pursuing insider-trading violations is a high priority of the SEC, which enforces US securities law and investigates all suspected offenses, whether the amounts in question are great or small. Violators may face civil suits, criminal charges, or both. The penalties for insider trading and/or tipping range from disgorgement of profits and expensive fines to criminal convictions and prison sentences.

Background On Brumberg Publications

Founded in 1986, Brumberg Publications has devoted over 25 years to making complex legal, tax, and financial concepts clearly understandable to people who do not enjoy reading the securities laws or the Internal Revenue Code. In addition to Think Twice, its publications include highly respected books and periodicals for the financial printer Bowne (now RR Donnelley). The company's sister firm,, publishes the award-winning website on stock compensation and the new website about nonqualified deferred compensation. The two companies have received extensive favorable coverage in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe, and on CNN/fn, National Public Radio, PBS,, and


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