SSZ Houston Announces "Recipe for Success" - Strength Training Identified As A Key Ingredient for Battling Diabetes

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The recent announcement by Paula Deen, one of the South's favorite kitchen divas, that she has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has turned up the heat on this important national health issue.


Thanks to a piled high dollop of reality (sprinkled liberally with media coverage), Ms. Deen has added a face for Type 2 Diabetes.

The growing concerns about the increases in the number of Americans suffering from Type 2 diabetes have been simmering for at least a decade. "Those closest to the issue know the pot's about to boil over as we are bubbling ever closer to 10% of our total US population diagnosed with diabetes," said Debbie Lindsey-Opel, Partner and Chief Awareness Officer of SSZ Houston. "Unfortunately, with countless nifty solutions mixed up in a bowl of confusion and fear, many of us just stopped listening. But now, thanks to a piled high dollop of reality (sprinkled liberally with media coverage), Ms. Deen has added a face for Type 2 Diabetes."

The Center for Disease Control(CDC) reports that "The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a large prevention study of people at high risk for diabetes, showed that lifestyle intervention to lose weight and increase physical activity reduced the development of type 2 diabetes by 58% during a 3-year period." Other findings concluded that benefits associated with a change in lifestyle can last a decade and are more cost-effective than medications.

While diet tops the list of lifestyle changes associated with Diabetes, increasing physical activity -- specifically, strength training -- offers significant opportunities to improve the health of type 2 diabetics. Scientific studies have shown that, in as little as 16 weeks, strength training can provide benefits that result in not only improved muscle quality but also positively impact whole-body insulin sensitivity. In fact, The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has strength training on their list of recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes to help with blood sugar control. And, with strength training, the benefits go beyond better sugar control. Type 2 diabetics also add heaping "sides" to their quality of life becoming stronger, adding muscle, reducing body fat, and increasing self-confidence.

"Finding the right strength training program, like learning to cook, can be intimidating," said Chris Opel, SSZ Houston Partner and Chief Fitness Officer. "It often seems easier to live with the problems than take action." To get started, Opel suggests making a list of workout preferences. "Many things influence your level of comfort," he says. "One size definitely does not fit all." Things to consider include time commitment, assistance from a trainer, comfort level working out in front of others, and support. "In our studio, we use the SuperSlow® method of strength training that offers safe, personal high-quality workouts with no distractions and you only need 20 minutes, twice a week."

The DDP study found that adults 60 years of age and older who increased their physical activity reduced the development of type 2 diabetes by an amazing 71%. Fortunately for those who want to take action to improve their health, it's not too late to start and research confirms that strength training offers positive benefits. As with any exercise, individuals should consult with their physicians to make sure the activity is appropriate.

SSZ Houston provides high quality, high intensity, personal strength training using the SuperSlow® Protocol. Unique to the industry, we climate control our facility and offer a complete strength training workout in 20 minutes. All sessions are by appointment and are customized to the individual needs and goals of our clients.


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