'WotWentWrong' - Breakup App Provides Personalized Feedback From Partners Who 'Vanished,' Daters Get Closure to Move On

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Free Web App Solves the Mystery of “Why He (or She) Didn’t Call," Gives Daters Improved Chances for Success in Future Relationships

WotWentWrong is the breakup app for couples who never really broke up.

WotWentWrong (http://www.wotwentwrong.com) launches today as a free web app, solving the mystery of why promising new romances ended unexpectedly or successful first dates vanished.

When things don’t work out, people deserve to know the reason why. But not everyone is capable of an explanation during a breakup, so they rely on moves like “The Fadeaway” or simply stop calling. People who thought the first date was awesome or saw no signs anything was wrong with the relationship can end up blaming themselves. It can cause lasting damage to someone’s self-esteem and future relationships. Closure can be hard to find on your own.

Calling or emailing an Ex for an answer can be so – stalkery. Now anyone stuck in dating limbo can send a low-key, customizable feedback request to a date who disappeared. WotWentWrong sends the request securely on the user’s behalf via email or text message (U.S., Canada only – for now). Responding to a request is also quick and easy – with pre-defined categories why someone lost interest and the option to add personal details. To encourage exes with answering feedback, the process is incentivized with survey results to questions about how attractive the person found them, how good a kisser, dresser or conversationalist they are – or, entice them with something customized, like “Guess which of your friends isn’t telling you we went out last year?” or, “I realize I was wrong about something we discussed on our date – do you know what I’m talking about?” Send the feedback request, get the answers.

Emphasis is placed on “being nice.” The site reminds users of the power of feedback to help former dates change behaviors that may have been dealbreakers, and the feedback response form also includes a section to voice a partner’s attractive qualities. People receive invaluable pointers that come not from a self-help book or advice column, but their own dating history.

“WotWentWrong is the breakup app for couples who never really broke up,” said the app’s developer Audrey Melnik. “Instead, someone just faded away, and the lack of explanation makes it difficult for the other party to move on. We’re providing a socially acceptable way to tie up the loose ends, learn from what happened and improve your dating Zen for the next relationship – no stalking required.”

The app’s features include:

  •     WotWentWrong List – A set of pre-defined reasons for breaking up helps people who have difficulty articulating their issue. For users who know precisely what the problem was, reasons can be easily customized.
  •     Proactive Feedback – In the spirit of helping an Ex put their best foot forward, users thinking ‘For their own sake, I really wish someone would tell them that’ can do exactly that – without having to receive a request first.
  •     Anonymous Stats – Curious to know how your dating experience stacks up against others’? Beginning in March, WotWentWrong will aggregate an anonymous stats page, so users can see the most popular breakup reasons used after three dates vs. three months, and other dating trivia.

WotWentWrong allows both sides of the story to be honestly expressed, and the user interface is careful to respect feelings and soften the blow when possible. In a web where dating apps come in every flavor imaginable, this is the app to make sense of things after a date went wrong.

About WotWentWrong
WotWentWrong is the breakup app for couples who never really broke up. Launched in January 2012, the free web app allows those stuck in dating limbo to request feedback from a promising romance or first date who “just vanished.” Answering feedback is quick, easy and incentivized. Daters get closure, as well as invaluable pointers from their former partners, allowing them to move on while improving chances for success in future relationships. WotWentWrong is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


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