13 CIA Mind Tricks To Add To Survival Skills That Can Literally Save The Day Reports The New “Bartering With Desperate People” eBook

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When social order has broken down, the eBook says, panic will begin to set in and people typically do not think properly, let alone negotiate well. Another problem is, that in these type of situations money is worthless, and it's no time to be tongue-tied or out of options, states the new report that teaches how to use bartering for complete survival skills.

"Bartering With Desperate People" eBook AbsoluteRights.com

"Bartering With Desperate People" eBook AbsoluteRights.com

The "Bartering With Desperate People" eBook reveals 13 CIA mind tricks that could save lives in a survival situation.

The worst thing that can be done in a crisis situation is to wait to figure out what to do when faced with a crisis, reports the “Bartering With Desperate People eBook. The eBook adds, that the best way to know what to say, and what to never say is to follow a proven plan that has been predetermined when learning survival skills. In a survival situation, knowing how to barter can mean the difference between life and death, the eBook says. It's easy to think it won't ever happen, states the eBook, but that's a huge mistake, because riots, looting, and home invasions are common in disaster situations today.

The “Bartering With Desperate People” eBook says, just being nice and reasonable with people isn't the answer, because people change when they're desperate, starving and scared. Even neighbors can turn on you without warning, states the eBook. Negotiation and bartering survival skills are a key element of survival, states the “Bartering With Desperate People” eBook. The CIA is well aware of the importance of training field agents to be adept at negotiating, states the eBook. The "Bartering With Desperate People" eBook that is published by Absolute Rights from contributor David Morris, reveals the 13 CIA mind tricks that could save lives in a survival situation.

An important aspect that Absolute Rights understands, is that survival preparedness and skills must mesh with reality and experience. Survival plans have to work in unison with where people live and their current situation. That is why Absolute Rights concentrates on providing information so people can become a survivalist where they currently are, when a disaster hits. Absolute Rights wants to provide information to prepare people for disasters that would break down civil order, like the food and water supply system, power and other resources that society has become so dependent upon.

Absolute Rights, does not back down from telling it like it is. They repudiate all forms of censorship, especially that most dangerous anti-American form of silencing dissent known as political correctness. Absolute Rights knows they have the right to speak out, and will exercise that right as loudly and as often as possible!

Absolute Rights, inform patriotic Americans on what their constitutional rights are, how to claim them, protect them, and be alerted when they are being trampled upon by the enemies of our great country, both foreign and domestic. Absolute Rights watches for “friendly fire” to become aware of when legal and law enforcement authority is overstepping their bounds and infringing upon rights. Subscribe to the Absolute Rights newsletter for current survival strategies.


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