Dramatic September Fire Destroys Data and Highlights Importance of Disk2Disk Backup and Recovery as Well as the Power of Attix5 and Danger of Relying on Tape

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A fire destroyed the computer room and all backup tapes in a South African municipal office but it was back to work as usual within a matter of hours thanks to Attix5 backup and recovery and proper business processes. Observers say it was almost as if the disaster had never occurred. Experts suggest it could have been a different outcome if tape had been relied on for backup and recovery.

Stage2Data powered by Attix5

Stage2Data Master Distributor of Attix5 in North America

The power of Attix5’s proven technology, as well as sound business processes, has ensured minimal impact from an information perspective.

A September 2011 fire in a South African municipality destroyed an entire computer room and also the backup tapes containing a copy of the organizational data. Vital data would have been lost if it were not for the fact that the organization was in the proof of concept phase of an Attix5-powered backup and restore project deployment.

Stage2Data is the Master Distributor of Attix5 in North America and their CTO, Jacques Swanepoel suggests that "Even if an entire data centre goes up in flames, it is possible to be back up and running within mere hours when you are using a system which delivers a reliable, automated, remote copy.”

The fire and the near loss of vital data is being used by Stage2Data as an example of the importance of planning for disaster and the power of backup and recovery solutions by Attix5.

According to Peter Balt, CEO of Munsoft, which provides software and services to the Local Municipality where the fire took place, "This municipality has foreseen the unexpected and taken appropriate precautions. Had it relied on outdated tape-based protection, it may have had an offsite copy as a best-case scenario. It is likely that such a copy would be outdated, if available at all, and it might take weeks or even months to get back into business.”

Swanepoel uses this example to highlight the necessity of protecting data against the unexpected and the weakness of relying on tape. “There is no better way to protect yourself from data loss than using a system which delivers a reliable, automated, remote copy.”

Stage2Data president Jeff Collier, has seen this type of potential data loss before and says "In every kind of company information system there is a wealth of information that is critical to the operation of the entity. Disasters can leave business vulnerable and often destroyed and they need to be appropriately planned for."

In the case of the fire, a remote, offsite copy of the municipality’s data was in existence. More than that, this data is kept up to date automatically thanks to the Attix5 technology which powers it. Swanepoel explains how it works: “An initial backup is made and taken offsite for storage on a disk subsystem in a data centre. Attix5 Pro is installed on the client’s systems; it automatically scans for any changes to the data and synchronizes these changes over the Internet to maintain that offsite copy as an up-to-date version of the client’s business.”

The Master Distributor for Attix5 in North America is Stage2Data.

About Attix5
Attix5 is an international provider of secure data management, storage and restoration, specializing in virtualization and cloud based solutions. Its world-class data protection software uses FIPS-compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for security and provides absolute peace of mind to listed Enterprises and SMEs across the world. Attix5 services the key global industry sectors, including Financial Services, Education and Retail. Attix5 is the SIMS partner for Capita Children's Services in the UK and provides secure data back-up for 65% of UK Primary Schools, Founded in 1999, Attix5 is headquartered in the UK with offices in South Africa.

Founded in 1999, Attix5 is headquartered in the UK with offices in South Africa.

Company Stage2Data
Stage2Data is a privately held company founded by Jeff Collier and Jacques Swanepoel in 2009. The company is dedicated to working with Enterprise and SMB's to safeguard their data against disaster or loss using cloud based, disk to disk technology. Stage2Data is the Master Distributor for Attix5 in North America and is a recognized leader in backup and recovery. Stage2Data is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario with offices in the USA. For additional information about the company, please visit http://www.stage2data.com.


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