ENSELE Posts Video Testimonials Of Users Experience

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ENSELE Posts Video Testimonials Of Users Experience on Facebook Page.

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"ENSELE provides immediate, tangible results, and if you are like me...you need to just try it!" - Jack Robins, MA

ENSELE recently began posting video recordings of users experience with the ENSELE Forecasts to the ENSELE Facebook page. ENSELE felt users needed a way to see and hear the experiences of other ENSELE members. The Facebook page ENSELE also allows for new visitors to LIKE the page and get a FREE ENSELE Forecast.

ENSELE was founded with the mission to help guide people in health, wealth and personal relationships. It is these three categories that encapsulate everything an individual sets goals and action for.

ENSELE Forecast is based on the natural law of growth, the mathematical principal. Once aware of the principles of cycles, one can begin to recognize it in many facets of life, as well as observe its symbology in the ancient philosophical writings and also used by Albert Einstein.

When one is born, one joins the universal cycle of life and one's personal 9-year cycle is established. The power of life expresses from within each person and is guided by the reasoning mind, which is the greater controlling power expressing the intelligent unfolding of one's potential although the cyclic rhythms of growth, (also found in the observance of nature).

The is a natural tide (cycle) in the affairs of people and one must "go with the flow" or "work in harmony" with the universal rhythms of life.

Earth time is measured in segments of the revolution of the earth in its solar orbit. The ENSELE Forecast measures the relationship between the universal cycle of life and each person, pertaining to each division of time using the mathematical principle. It is not the gravitational influence of a distant planet that guides one's destiny. It is rather, the unfolding through the rhythmical sequences of growth, which can be recognized in nature such as root development, rapid plant expansion, budding, flowering, fruition and resting. Every division of time expresses a relationship to the qualities. Mind can use the understanding of these cyclic qualities of intelligence to create progress and control of actions fully to utilize the potential expression of the specific qualities of time.

The difference between the power of the universal intelligence expressing through the Cyclic Law of ENSELE Forecasts and the power of the solar bodies of astrology is that, in astrology, humankind is placed in a subordinate role affected externally by the force of the planets, influenced by circumstances to be handled as best one can. Rather the ENSELE Forecasts cyclic and mathematical principle teaches that each person is the channel of the universal intelligence expressing as the life within. ENSELE Forecast states that humans have the intelligence and responsibility to develop our minds to utilize our creative abilities we control and direct our affairs in harmony with the laws of nature. ENSELE Forecasts states that humans are not pawns of planetary forces but creative mental powers with the responsibility to understand and use the powers of life to fulfill ones fullest potential.

By understanding and using the laws of aerodynamics, humanity demonstrates mastery over the air. By understanding and using the Cyclic Law of ENSELE Forecasts, individuals can demonstrate intelligent utilization of time, getting the most constructive value and direction from it.

ENSELE Forecasts are gaining Fans on Facebook, and receiving popularity on a global scale as the most popular application used for real life. Astrology is too general and often just used for entertainment, not really taken seriously because it is so generalized to all Zodiac signs. But the ENSELE Forecasts deliver real, practical results that people enjoy.

ENSELE is gathering and sharing input and feedback from users experience with the ENSELE Forecasts around the world. To share an experience, please submit a video to info@ensele.com or post it on our Facebook page.


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