Headline - SEO - A Work Of Art Addresses Deceptive Practices and False Promises by SEO Companies That Hurt Businesses in Today’s Competitive Budget Conscious Environment

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Summary- SEO and Web Design company brings awareness of deceptive practices that fool clients into thinking they are being marketed effectively. Many SEO companies offering low cost SEO do not put forth the marketing effort businesses need.

David Nagle, President of A WOrk Of Att, Inc, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says "Many factors have evolved with regard to the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization, website design, marketing and how that determines your page rank on the major search engines. A Work Of Art spends anywhere from 30 to 100 hours per month on each client’s online marketing and the marketing of the top key words and key phrases for their business and industry and it is a "must" for any marketing firm." He says that most of this is done manually by hands-on experts in the field. It is not unusual for top marketing firms to get shocking feedback from their prospective clients in regards to SEO after discussing what their previous marketing firms have claimed to do.

He has revealed rampant deception in this industry that needs to be addressed and you as a business owner need to be aware of these when you are hiring a marketing company that provides SEO, Link Building and Social Media Marketing. He says "Online marketing campaigns should be presented and discussed in detail when carried out with the appropriate firm. A Must Read SEO Blog for CEOs! "

David advises companies of the questions that should be asked when hiring a SEO, marketing and web design company.

1) On average, how many hours a month does your SEO company actually work to optimize and market your company?
2) Does your SEO company do their optimization and marketing manually or by automation?
3) Will your SEO company not only work on internal website optimization, but also work on marketing your website externally?
4) Will the company provide you with a list of what they have done, quantify that and provide ongoing MEANINGFUL analysis of their progress?
5) What do they provide with regard to their external marketing efforts and will they provide a detailed list of what they accomplished?
6) Will they research the top competitive key words and phrases and use those in their SEO?
7) Are they marketing your business in the correct geographic regions?
8) Will they keep you involved with their marketing efforts and ask for your insight into their company and it’s goals?
9) What added benefits will they provide at no cost to you in order to boost your results because they care about your success and a long-term relationship?
10) Will they honestly and completely assess your website and current marketing efforts and provide a comprehensive list of objectives and plans to achieve them that will address all phases of a successful marketing campaign?

And always get a custom website design and not pre-designed templates, or low budget websites designed completely by content management syetems.

Their experience suggests the first subject that comes up in regard to hiring a SEO company is the cost. Quotes can range from $150 –$700 a month. Business owners should be very leery of any SEO company that guarantees “great results!” "No one can guarantee any specific result (provided that the objective is to compete using the top key phrases) because that is determined by the search engines themselves, not the company doing the marketing. This is why it is very important for a business owner to ask the questions above before hiring a SEO firm." he says.

One common deception is “The Phantom Key phrase”. Many SEO companies deceive their clients by showing them results for terms in which there is no competition. He states "we had a client that stated he is #1 in the search engines for "Broward County Plubmer" It is very easy for a plumber to found for the search term “Broward County Plumbers” However, there is virtually no competition for this search term and it is rarely searched. An SEO company will show tremendous results for terms in which no one searches, making the effort counterproductive. Anyone with any basic coding knowledge can move a website up a search engine’s ranking for non-competitive search terms."

A Work Of Art told his client that what his former SEO company should have been doing is telling their client that no one searches for “Broward County Plumbers” and the term you need to be found for is “Ft. Lauderdale Plumbers.” The SEO firm should should have known this if they didn't already and tell that business that “Ft. Lauderdale Plumbers” has 20 times the searches than “Broward County Plumbers.” This is the type of feedback a business needs from a SEO company and the two should work together to develop a plan to be found for that specific term.

In the interview he discussed Page ranking - "To rank high with competitive key phrases takes a great deal of work and marketing. No legitimate, experienced company will put forth that kind of effort for $150 a month. Spending a little extra money and getting the results a business is seeking will prove much more valuable in the long run."

"Many SEO companies also use automation to appeal to budget conscious business owners. Websites or software which post your pages to the search engines and broadcasts data with a click of the button. Automation can only get you so far. It is inept and ineffective and provides a false sense of security that you have done what it takes to compete and market your website to the search engines. Software cannot do the expansive and integral manual work that is crucial to successful SEO and marketing of a company’s website and online presence." he says.

A Work Of Art tells their clients that before worrying about SEO, link building, press releases and social media it is imperative that businesses have their website build out their website and improve its structure for SEO firms to be successful. Any SEO firm who says otherwise is not being thorough in their marketing advice. "Restructuring a website and building it out, with relative industry content, links and coding is the first step in search engine marketing. SEO, Marketing and web design go hand in hand and it’s complex work, effort, expertise and commitment on a daily basis is what it takes to succeed in a competitive environment. Just like anything in life, the more you know, the harder you work, the more successful you will be." David says.

A Work Of Art belives that In today’s economy and challenging business environment with tight budgets, cost seems to be a major factor in determining vendor hires. But, on the other hand it is a total waste of money to pay for something you are not getting or a service that doesn’t deliver what you need.


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