Launching of Metabolic Exercise Program With Triple M System for Rapid Belly Fat Loss by Founder of Dr. Kareem Samhouri Fitness LLC.

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Specially designed exercises which improve muscle balance, involve multi-planar movement and work several muscle groups simultaneously, let people lose fat in less time.

“Without improving the signal strength between your nerves and muscles, it’s nearly impossible to get results.”

World Wide Web. Frustrated dieters who find it difficult to lose fat with their tight schedules may find the solution in Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s patented “Triple M System” for rapid fat loss. This lets people get rid of unwanted body fat with specialized workouts that can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to do typical cardio and gym exercises.
Dr. Samhouri, a renowned fitness expert and owner of Dr. Kareem Samhouri Fitness LLC saw the need for short but effective belly fat loss workouts that can be easily be integrated into everyday life. Most people can’t maintain an effective fat loss exercise program because of a lack of time. The Triple M System makes possible to lose fat in quick daily workout sessions in 10 minutes or less. Short workouts that bring fast results make it easier for busy people to stay motivated and stick with the program.
TheTriple M System is based on three key factors for fat loss- muscle balancing, movement complexes and multi-planar movement. This system involves functional total-body exercises that don’t leave any muscle fibers resting. According to Dr. K, putting focus on specific muscle groups by doing isolation exercises such as crunches and bicep curls causes muscle imbalance that actually trigger our neural signals to slow down calorie burn. Balancing out our muscle tissues then improves the signals between our neuro-system and muscles, speeding-up fat burn. “Without improving the signal strength between your nerves and muscles, it’s nearly impossible to get results.”
The complex, multi-joint exercises and wide variety of movements also prevent the muscles from adapting to a specific movement and reaching a ‘plateau’. When muscles get used to doing exercises workout after workout, less effort is exerted, less calories are burned and the fat loss process is slowed down. Incorporating several muscle groups by performing exercise on different planes causes rapid fat loss, because more ‘aggregate effort’ is exerted and this leads to a considerable increase in calorie-burn.
Dr. K, a regular guest on NBC News, has helped thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals. For more information about the launching of the Ab Strength Guide Program please visit


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