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New book, “DOING MORE WITH LESS” by Bruce Piasecki provides revolutionary way to think about business in the 21st Century

Bruce Piasecki, Author of Doing More With Less

Bruce Piasecki, Author of Doing More With Less

The businesses that survive this challenging new millennium will be the ones that find new and lasting ways to answer key social questions about poverty, mobility, and energy now.

The earth will soon be home to seven billion people, all seeking to share the same water, air, food, and products. While this presents major challenges to business – and to society in general – it also offers unique opportunities to the firms that recognize and capitalize on them, says Dr. Bruce Piasecki, president and founder of AHC Group.

Based on thirty years of experience working with companies throughout the world, Piaseckiʼs new book, DOING MORE WITH LESS: The New Way To Wealth (Wiley; March 2012) offers a ground-breaking approach to thinking about and doing business in this new era.

“The businesses that survive this challenging new millennium will be the ones that find new and lasting ways to answer key social questions about poverty, mobility, and energy now,” writes Piasecki. Central to this effort is what he calls “the art of competitive frugality.” This means returning to the core values of industriousness and frugality that the great statesman, inventor, and author Benjamin Franklin wrote about so eloquently two centuries ago. “We must resist the temptation to use technology for technologyʼs sake, and instead focus on the creative solutions scarcity demands,” says Piasecki. Rediscovering the vital link between frugality and competition will usher in a golden age of higher efficiencies, more direct results, and smarter competition.

Drawing on Piaseckiʼs decades of experience, interviews with visionary leaders, and such diverse subjects as the passage of health care reform and the development of mega-cities around the world, DOING MORE WITH LESS offers potent insights into such critical issues as:

•Why doing more with less will offer abundant recompense with less debt and risk – making companies more adept in the short run and more adaptive in the long run

•How scarcity itself can open up new markets for businesses that are creative
enough to uncover them

•How to compete more effectively in terms of innovation while eliminating the kind of cutthroat business battles that thrive on cost-cutting or making enemies

•How to generate employee loyalty though a commitment to social responsibility

•How to deal with and eliminate the “knuckleheads” who stand in the way of success and a better future

Fundamentally, Piaseckiʼs approach demands a return to basic principles – achieving greater balance by realigning frugality and prosperity. In particular, he lays out three keys on which he runs his own firm: never forget the people and the rules in the act of making money; return to the classic ideal of productive restraint – that is, to being agents for good in the world by doing more with less; and know that only you (not your boss, parents, or business school) can find your competitive advantage for creating wealth.

DOING MORE WITH LESS builds on the authorʼs extensive work in the area of social responsibility, offering an original take on the increasing role that sustainability and energy issues play in competitiveness. As Gene Miller of the Center for Urban Innovation writes in the bookʼs foreword, Piasecki “takes his three decades of learning and travel and compels us forward through a mix of narrative nonfiction, personal storytelling, and astute reflections on sports and modern times.”

Never before has the world faced such massive challenges in terms of resources, space, and rapid growth. Businesses can either step up to these challenges and play a unique role in solving them, or be crushed along the way. DOING MORE WITH LESS offers the insights and perspective leaders need to take the reins in this new environment, transform their thinking, and find a new road to success.

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in energy, materials, and environmental corporate matters whose clients range from Suncor Energy and Shaw Industries to Toyota and other global companies. Piasecki is the author of eight books on business strategy, valuation, and corporate change, including the Nature Societyʼs book of the year, In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame. Since 1981, he has advised companies about the critical areas of corporate governance, energy, environmental strategy, product innovation, and sustainability strategy.

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