Southern Car Parts offers Akrapovic’s New Exhaust Systems

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The dealer Agreement between Akrapovic Exhaust Systems and Southern Car Parts allows for the sale of Akrapovic’s incredible new systems.

Akrapovic BMW 1M Exhaust
We are excited to be able to offer our customers the quality and performance that the Akrapovic exhaust systems offer for the BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems—who are among the global leaders in top-quality automotive exhaust systems—have been very busy over the last few months. Since September of 2011 they have developed and begun production on systems for three new vehicles: the BMW 1M, the Audi R8 V10, and the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. All three of vehicles are among the World’s most elite in their respective class, and the pairing of them with a titanium Akrapovic exhaust appears to be an absolute no-brainer.

Of course, just knowing that you want a new exhaust for your vehicle is the easy part of the equation. With a purchase as large as the financial commitment that is associated with an Akrapovic Exhaust system, you want to make sure you’re getting your system from the proper vendor. That’s where Southern Car Parts (SCP) comes in. They began their agreement with Akrapovic in September of 2010, and over that span of time has become one of the most trusted vendors for their product line. Of course, their record of sound business practices continues on well past their agreement with Akrapovic also.

Since 2005 SCP has been a premiere source for aftermarket Corvette performance parts and accessories in the automotive market. At first they began dealing only with the Corvette market, but in the years that followed their commitments to customer service and competitive pricing have helped them grow and mature in to a larger company with a more varied catalog. It was this growth, and the reputation that SCP accrued with it, that ultimately lead to their dealer agreement with Akrapovic—who is famous for being critical in their choosing and accepting of dealer partners globally.

This penchant for approaching their work with a critical and discerning eye is also what has allowed for Akrapovic to gain their reputation in the automotive world. They are known today for creating the finest, most competitive, and most impressive exhaust systems for the world’s finest automobiles, but did not begin that way. When Igor Akrapovic founded Akrapovic Exhaust Systems in 1990 he began with the design and construction of publicly available exhaust systems for motorcycles that met the performance needs of race equipped bikes. These exhaust systems, the first of their kind on the market, quickly grew in popularity and the Akrapovic journey really began. Today, in addition to the three newest vehicles in the Akrapovic market, they manufacture top-notch exhaust systems for the most exclusive vehicles in the world: from motorcycles to Corvettes, Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. This dedication to the highest performing vehicles is why the three new additions to their catalog make such perfect sense, too.
Firstly, there is the Akrapovic exhaust for the new BMW 1M. Based off of the 1 Series BMW chassis, the BMW 1M utilizes the size and 50:50 weight distribution of the standard 1 Series as a fantastic starting point for high-end performance. The lightest, smallest, and most affordable vehicle to be adorned with the M badge in the BMW line-up, the 1M is truly a race inspired vehicle. Powered by a twin-turbo 335hp version of the BMW NS4 engine found in the 335i, the 1M has posted track times from testers that far surpass those of the other BMW M-series vehicles, thanks in large part to its shortened stance, brilliant weight distribution, and lighter build. Ultimately, the 1M has gained an incredible reputation as being the truest driver’s car in the BMW line-up today.

It’s that driver’s car mentality for the 1M that makes it such a perfect fit for pairing with an Akrapovic exhaust. Available in both an Evolution (the Akrapovic term for what is more commonly referred to as Cat-Back) and Slip-On (again, Akrapovic specific term for Axle-Back), Akrapovic BMW 1M exhausts are built with the same focus as the 1M. Each Akrapovic exhaust for the 1M is manufactured from aerospace grade titanium components that are extremely light-weight and incredibly durable. The life of titanium far surpasses that of other metals, and it provides a strength to weight ratio that few other heat-resistant materials on Earth can match. All of these aspects make it ideal for the 1M, as it helps to further lower the curb weight of the vehicle, and maintain the 1M’s skinny racecar focus. In addition to these weight saving components, also, the Akrapovic systems for the 1M are extremely free-flowing exhausts, and the installation of one will result in large HP and Torque numbers across the entire RPM range—11HP, 12lbs-ft Torque, and 19 pounds saved over stock, for the Titanium Evolution exhaust system without optional down-pipe, and for this with a serious need for speed individual dyno results of 70HP, 48lbs-ft Torque, and 26 pounds saved on curb weight have been achieved on an Evolution system with optional performance off-road down-pipes and proper tune.

Of course, Akrapovic being what it is and having the same love of automobiles that you and I certainly do, they didn’t stop there. At the same time that they released the 1M exhaust systems they also publicly announced exhaust systems for the Audi R8 with the 5.2L V10 and the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. These systems have either just finished production runs and are now publicly available for order, or will be within the next few weeks time.

For the Audi R8 5.2 V10, the same Akrapovic focus on performance and quality was applied. The system available for this Audi vehicle is a Slip-On that fits in perfectly with the mid-engine build and design of the vehicle. Manufactured from the same titanium alloy materials that the 1M exhaust is constructed from, the body of this exhaust is incredibly strong and helps to shave a whole 35 pounds off of the stock curb-weight. Helping with these weight gains, the Audi R8 Akrapovic Exhaust also utilizes Carbon Fiber exhaust tips and exhaust ports that provide an incredibly unique and aggressive appearance to the vehicle’s rear stance.

In addition to these stylistic and weight saving benefits, the Akrapovic Slip-On for the Audi R8 also helps contribute to increased performance on the road and track by the utilization of the exhaust’s more free-flowing design for gains of 14HP and 11lbs-ft of torque. These numbers are incredibly impressive when one considers how little room Akrapovic has to work with within the Audi’s mid-engine build. As result of the short distance from engine to exhaust exit point, there’s little piping room available for modification. It is this brilliant engineering and focus on performance and style that makes the Akrapovic system a perfect fit for the Audi R8, and the ideal way of improving upon the vehicle’s supercar feel and fun.

The final and newest of the Akrapovic exhaust systems is that for the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. This system hasn’t even been released officially yet, and SCP is the only company I could find currently accepting pre-orders on it, but it looks to be absolutely incredible. No official numbers have been released on the system yet, but an Akrapovic spokesperson at SEMA provided expected dyno results of 12HP and 14lbs-ft of torque on the exhaust system, and declared that it will save an incredibly impressive 44 pounds over the stock exhaust system. Those numbers will come together to help push the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG’s HP to Weight ratio to just over 6pounds for every HP. Meaning that an SLS AMG equipped with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust is just a few minor touches away from dropping below 6:1 in to the very fabled, and very impressive, 5:1 HP:Weight category.

The style of the Akrapovic for the SLS AMG is undeniable, also. The system is outfitted with beautiful carbon fiber exhaust tips and exit ports that install seamlessly in to the vehicle’s rear fascia. This just makes the already sterling appearance of the SLS AMG—among the world’s most beautiful vehicles—even more exemplary. In fact, the photos of the black SLS AMG outfitted with the Akrapovic exhaust released thus far by Akrapovic are near transcendent in their style and beauty.

Of course, talk of Akrapovic exhaust systems wouldn’t be complete without making mention to their incredible tonal qualities. Every Akrapovic undergoes rigorous R&D to ensure that the system provides an exhaust tone that is perfectly suited to each vehicle it’s installed on, and that it provides minimal cabin drone. Every Akrapovic that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing has featured a powerful and aggressive tone that follows a seemingly formula-one inspired crescendo up through the RPM band. Akrapovic exhaust systems are also famous for their clean tones that perfectly match the deep and powerful pitches, even at higher volume and higher RPM, where nary a distortion will be heard. It’s this tonal quality, ultimately, that finishes off every Akrapovic to make it among the best in the world.


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