“The Gorrie Details” in The Absolute Wealth Newsletter Accurately Predicted Iran Closing The Straits of Hormuz and Taking Oil Payments in Gold

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AW Research Publishing managing editor, James R. Gorrie, who writes “The Gorrie Details” column, correctly predicted that Iran would not only seek to close the Straits of Hormuz, but that it would also be taking payments in gold for its oil.

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'The Gorrie Details' column wonders if we are ready to pay $20 or $30 for a gallon of gas.

Both predictions, James Gorrie writer of the Absolute Wealth newsletter “The Gorrie Details” column made, in his article on July 19, 2011 titled “Nuclear Iran: The Next Super Power?” have come to pass. “The Gorrie Details” Absolute Wealth column, talks about the fact that in recent months Iran has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz, through which up to 40% of the world's seaborne oil flows. “The Gorrie Details” column reports, as of January 24, 2012, India has informed Iran they will make oil payments in gold, as a way to get around financial sanctions. China, Iran's largest trading partner, is expected to do the same very soon, “The Gorrie Details” column predicts.

“The Gorrie Details” column wonders if we are ready to pay twenty or thirty dollars for a gallon of gas. The high gas prices we see today may soon look like a bargain, says “The Gorrie Details” column. The greater demand of oil from China and India will be a partial reason for the skyrocketing price of gas, along with the decline of the U.S. dollar, however, these will definitely not be the crucial factor, predicts “The Gorrie Details” column.

The key factor that will push gas prices through the roof will have nothing to do with oil, at least not directly, it will have everything to do with Iran’s nuclear missiles, writes “The Gorrie Details” editor. James Gorrie, writes in “The Gorrie Details” column, that the day that Iran acquires nuclear missiles, the world will see a major power shift that will favor Iran. The impact of a nuclear Iran will be felt almost immediately, and throughout the world, and will be especially devastating to the West, and in particular, to America, predicts “The Gorrie Details” column.

“The Gorrie Details” column explains, Iran’s economy is stagnant, unemployment is high, as is deficit spending, 50% of Iran’s population is urban, and 60% of the population is under the age of thirty. The editor James Gorrie goes on to say, the Iranian people are highly educated, but have no work. Then adds in the column, even the leaky American-led embargo has taken a toll on Iran’s economy. Young Iranians prospects for the future look bleak, “The Gorrie Details explains, except for the Internet and new media technology, which provides them with a window on life outside their strict theocracy, causing a dissatisfaction with their current situation. Public dissent against religious and political repression in Iran is also on the rise, shown by the bloody student uprising of 2009, which was just one of many more that have gone largely unreported, mentions “The Gorrie Details” column.

These issues “The Gorrie Details” column writes, has caused Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to lose significant support amongst his main power base, the Shiite Muslim clerics. That is why it is crucial to Ahmadinejad to acquire nuclear weapons as soon as he can, says “The Gorrie Details” column, to join an elite number of nations that have the capacity to destroy whole cities with just a push of a button. “The Gorrie Details” column warns that once it becomes a nuclear armed nation, Iran will become a much greater, globally powerful and destabilizing influence than it already is.


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