The Commonality of Google Stock, Warren Buffet And The Familiar Rumor Of War Is The Current Absolute Wealth Newsletter

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The Senters’ Strategies by Hubert Senters, The Macro Minute, and The Gorrie Details by James Gorrie, columns in the Absolute Wealth newsletter keep up with the current times by publishing up to the minute research and information, like whether Google stock is a buy or sell.

Google Stock Gap Trading

Google Stock Gap Trading

Google is a high flying stock, and can be traded easily on the buy side or the short side for profits.

The Absolute Wealth newsletter Senters' Strategies by Hubert Senters column discusses whether Google stock is a buy or a sell. Hubert remarks that Google is a high flying stock, and can be traded easily on the buy side or the short side for profits. In today's Senters' Strategies of The Absolute Wealth newsletter, Hubert talks about Google stock Gaps, and just as important, how to read them over different time periods. Whether short or long, buy or sell, Hubert shows in the Absolute Wealth newsletter video exactly how to trade Google stock, along with other tips in the Senters' Strategies column.

The Macro Minute column in the current Absolute Wealth newsletter talks about the best investment advice to follow in this economy, whether it is to invest in oil futures, McDonald's common stock, or gold, because all of them are up. The Macro Minute column in the Absolute Wealth newsletter remarks that the best answer is none of the above. The prediction made by the Absolute Wealth Macro Minute column is that the best way to make sure to see returns on investment dollars, is to invest in Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet's investment holding company. The Absolute Wealth newsletter explains, It is not possible to be Warren Buffet, however, it is possible to invest like him, follow the lead of a sure winner.

In the last column of “The Gorrie Details” the fact that Iran is getting closer to their goal of becoming a nuclear power, and the threat caused by closing the Straits of Hormuz through which flows up to 40% of the world's seaborne oil supply, was discussed by James Gorrie. A closure or even a threat to that oil supply should make oil prices spike, expands upon yesterday’s remarks James Gorrie in “The Gorrie Details” column. James Gorrie goes on to say in “The Gorrie Details” column that Europe announced an oil embargo against Iran, which represents about a fifth of Iran's oil exports, in order to deflect Iran from its atomic ambitions. The embargo will hurt Iran, “The Gorrie Details” column writer James Gorrie explains as the European Union is Iran's 2nd largest oil client, but Iran continues to go forward with both its nuclear program and its posturing over the Straits of Hormuz.

Let the Absolute Wealth newsletter by AW Research Publishing do the research on the current events of the world, and sift through the noise finding the relevant information that needs to be analyzed, just subscribe to the Absolute Wealth newsletter to keep up with the most relevant information available.


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