New Emory University and University of North Carolina Study Finds Nu Beginnings Weight Loss Program Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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According to a newly released study completed by the University of North Carolina and Emory University, being overweight greatly increases the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes and other diseases. During the next 10 years, an estimated 40 million individuals in the United States could develop Type 2 diabetes, with an additional 100 million becoming pre-diabetic, a condition that can lead to diabetes if left unchecked. Since overweight and obese individuals are most at risk due to excess poundage being a contributing factor for developing the disease, attending Nu Beginnings could significantly lessen an individual's chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Exercise Helps Prevent Disease & Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Unlike other health farms we offer a unique approach of nutrition, exercise and hypnotherapy that will forever change your relationship with food. NuBeginnings will help you lose weight not only while you are at the camp, but after you return home.

Making significant lifestyle changes can arrest or, in some cases, even reverse the progression of Type 2 diabetes, according to results of a recently released study conducted by Emory University and the University of North Carolina, published in January 2011. Many individuals who are most at risk, however, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have little idea of how to include exercise and incorporate better nutritional habits in their daily lives. Attending a weight loss boot camp, such as one offered by NuBeginnings, can help people achieve healthier lifestyles to avoid these diseases.

The New York State Health Foundation, UnitedHealth Foundation and Novo Nordisk supported the findings detailed in the article published in Health Affairs. Reports from the publication indicate that people who are obese or seriously overweight and lose five to seven percent of body weight can prevent disease progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes. The study notes that enrolling individuals in a health farm program that encourages maintenance of lifelong fitness habits along with weight loss not only curbs this unhealthy trend but maintains the habits associated with healthy living.

"Attending a weight loss boot camp such as that offered by NuBeginnings offers overweight individuals a chance to start on the road to a healthy lifestyle," said a NuBeginnings official. "Unlike other health farms we offer a unique approach of nutrition, exercise and hypnotherapy that will forever change your relationship with food. NuBeginnings will help you lose weight not only while you are at the camp, but after you return home when it is up to you to continue making the lifestyle changes you began during your time with us."

Changing lifestyle through a health farm program offered at NuBeginnings is a life-changing experience. Upon arrival, participants receive a fitness assessment to ascertain ability as well as determine individual goals. Sessions offer a comprehensive exercise program that includes hiking, yoga, qigong, resistance training and more. Participants also receive deep tissue therapy massages, hypnotherapy sessions that will help eliminate unhealthy habits such as emotional eating, sessions with a nutritionist to discover the healthiest and most nutritional foods for consumption and cooking demonstrations by spa chefs to help turn grocery lists into interesting and tasty meals.

Spending a week at NuBeginnings has a luxrious aspect, too. Guests are treated to luxurious accommodations with spa-quality bath products as well as saunas and gourmet-style meal prepared by experienced chefs. Unlike other health farms, NuBeginnings offers a total package that helps participants achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, no matter if they are beginners who have never previously embarked upon an exercise program or have repeatedly attempted lifestyle changes without success.

"The NuBeginnings program does not stop when you leave the facilities, but continues when you return home," said a NuBeginnings official. "We provide you with periodic follow-up phone calls to answer additional questions you may have and ensure that you continue to maintain a lifestyle consistent with weight loss and healthy living."

Continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle is crucial in preventing progression to Type 2 diabetes and its additional asscoiated health costs. The Emory University team found that the most successful programs were not the most expensive ones, but those that are more highly structured and incorporate motivations for maintaining the lifestyle. Maintaining contact following the health farm experience is necessary to healthy living as the majority of individuals will regain pounds after attending weight loss boot camp.


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