Lane Weinberg: Breaking New Ground Along the Final Frontier

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In addition to debuting a new blog, science-and-fantasy scribe Labe Weinberg achieves milestones with the 250th post and 5,000th reader comment on his popular “Goblin, Unicorn and Dragon” site.

It is extremely gratifying to know that my blogs strike a chord with readers and other writers.

Intrepid blogger Lane Weinberg is at it again, announcing new milestones this week in his burgeoning blogging career.

Weinberg – the voice behind popular blogs on HubPages, Suite 101 and elsewhere – this week celebrated the second anniversary of his popular science fiction/fantasy-themed blog “A Goblin, a Unicorn and a Dragon: A World of Fantasy” by posting his 5,000th reader comment. The blog turned two years old on Jan. 20, and the plateau-busting 5,000th comment came on the post “Grimurl, Part 1” – Weinberg’s 250th on his “World of Fantasy” blog.

“There are other blogs, obviously, that have more posts and more comments,” Lane Weinberg noted. “But as busy as I am in this medium, as a professional blogger, I’m just getting started.”

“Grimurl, Part 1” is the beginning of a series of short stories Weinberg, an author and candidate for a Master’s Degree in creative writing at Harvard University. Previous posts on the “World of Fantasy” blog have combined the writer’s personal work with comments on (and links to) subjects as diverse as astronomy, freelance writing, character development and his favorite works by other authors.

“It is extremely gratifying to know that my blogs strike a chord with readers and other writers,” Lane Weinberg said. “For a writer, there’s nothing more satisfying than producing something that connects with an audience, whether it’s a book, a magazine article or a blog post. The fact that so many people have not only taken the time to read the posts I’ve shared but to comment … and continue these discussions is very inspiring, and at the same time truly humbling.”

The 5,000th reader comment, posted by mitchray409, praised the opening “Grimurl” paragraphs and urged Weinberg to keep on posting: “I’m already hooked to find out what happens next! Plz write quickly.”

In addition to the milestone post and response, Weinberg – a Reading, Pennsylvania native – also announced this week the release of his newest blog, a self-titled profile page on Weinberg’s first post included tips on how amateur astronomers can help NASA and other scientists locate “exoplanets” outside of the Solar System.

“Finding exoplanets has become the hot new craze amongst both amateur and professional astronomers,” Lane Weinberg wrote in the post, which covers such topics as selecting the right telescope for your particular astronomical interests and the best techniques for employing the “photometric transit method,” which detects exoplanets based on light shifts caused when these distant worlds pass in front of their hosts stars.

Astronomy is a common theme on Weinberg’s many blogs, including the BlogSpot titles “Lane Weinberg Presents Space Exploration” and “Thoughts on Astronomy” and other sites gracing the Suite 101, AbsoluteWrite and Triod hosting services. Under the name “Lane W. Heymont,” which combines his own name with his paternal grandfather’s, Weinberg also maintains a well-followed Twitter account.

“These subject matters are very near and dear to me,” Lane Weinberg said. “Not only is science fiction the ultimate writer’s canvas – a genre where you can literally do anything, and where the best works have always applied futuristic creativity to the most critical and relevant real-life social issues of the time – but actual science is such a breeding ground for great storytelling. The adventures of space shuttle pilots, astronomers involved in (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and those who are right now conducting the actual exploration of other worlds are just as exciting as anything see in the movies. And they’re inherently more ‘human,’ because they’re real.”

“Just like there’s no end of the possibilities when it comes to science and fantasy literature, I don’t think there’s any end to the number of blogs I might create, or the topics they might cover,” the writer added. “As long as the human mind is capable of imagining new frontiers and then finding ways to explore them, there will be interesting stories to tell.”

About Lane Weinberg
Lane Weinberg, 27, is an author and blogger in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, he currently attends creative writing classes at Harvard University and has been writing for almost two decades. An avid fan of astronomy and philosophy, Lane Weinberg enjoys spending time with his two nephews, his niece and his four dogs.


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