Holistic Survival Show Examines Canadian Health Care with Filmmaker Logan Darrow Clements

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Holistic Survival, dedicated to helping citizens prepare for the worst, speaks with the documentary filmmaker about his study of Canadian health care

Holistic Survival

“I never want to allow a government bureaucrat to hold my life in his hands,” said Darrow Clements.

The Holistic Survival Show welcomed filmmaker Logan Darrow Clements for an interview during its 64th episode to discuss what happens when the government plays doctor. As revealed in his document “Sick & Sicker,” Clements went to Canada and interviewed doctors, patients, journalists and even a doctor who went on hunger strike, to find out how well a government-run healthcare system actually works. He shares some of his findings with The Holistic Survival Show and encourages Americans to pay attention to the cold hard facts and downfalls of Obamacare.

The genesis for Clements’ film Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor came about during America’s tumultuous debate over public health care. “I never want to allow a government bureaucrat to hold my life in his hands,” said Clements. “So, I decided to make a movie that shows what it’s like when a government runs an entire medical system. I wanted to make a film about a totally government-run medical program and its consequences.”

The most obvious model for socialized health care? Canada. “I couldn’t really afford to go to England or Australia and I thought that covering Canada as America’s neighbor would make the most sense to Americans,” shared Clements. I spoke to doctors and citizens. I spoke to a member of Parliament. I spoke to a former Health Minister in Quebec who’s had a change of heart and believes [Canada] should move to a more free market system.”

Clements’ favorite interview was with a doctor who came from France to Canada—and was shocked by the Draconian quality of Canadian health care. The doctor put himself through law school and challenged the Canadian Supreme Court, and was struck down.

“[Canada] forces everyone to pay into the government system, kind of like everyone’s forced to pay for public school, even if they’re sending their children to a private school,” explained Clements. In essence, though, Canada metaphorically had banned ‘private practice’—taking away doctors’ rights to practice outside the government health care structure. The result? Lives were lost.

Heart disease is a number one killer in America—but in Canada, it’s extremely difficult just to get treatment. “I interviewed the brother of a man who had been put on a thirty day waiting list for heart trouble. When you go to the emergency room in America, if you’ve got a pain in your chest or potential heart trouble, you get treated right away. When they put this guy on the thirty day waiting list, he died a few days into the wait. That’s not uncommon,” added Clements. In addition, patients’ hearts will deteriorate during the waiting process to the point that it’s too late for life-saving treatment.

Clements described preferential treatment in the Canadian health care system for politicians, and—of all things—pets. The veterinary system in Canada is not socialized. The free market veterinary industry in Canada results in faster, more effective treatment.

“This isn’t some abstract discussion about numbers,” said Clements. “People are dying inside this system because they can’t get timely government care.”

Logan Darrow Clements is an entrepreneur and managing member of Freestar Movie, LLC in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the University of Rochester in Economics in 1991 and William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing in 1992. He is best known for his “Lost Liberty Hotel” project, a rebellion against eminent domain abuse in 2005 that involved him trying to seize the house of Supreme Court Justice David Souter using his own ruling in the Kelo vs. City of New London case.

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