Filmmaker, Author, and Child Advocate Peter Thomas Senese Prepares Release Of Three New Segments For International Child Abduction Educational Film Series.

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Peter Thomas Senese's CHASING PARENTS documentary film series that brings to life the harsh issues connected to the growing worldwide epidemic of international parental child abduction will receive three new segments produced and narrated by the outspoken child advocate. Peter Thomas Senese's CHASING PARENTS film series on child abduction prevention and reunification is being hailed by targeted parents of abduction as a must-see. The new segments to the ongoing documentary series will include information concerning the economic cost of international abduction, the rate of international child abduction, and immediate solutions and remedies.

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Peter Thomas Senese' CHASING THE CYCLONE

CHASING PARENTS is the reason why I have my family with me today . . . Valerie Sandoval (Targeted Parent of International Abduction).

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Filmmaker, Author, and Child Advocate Peter Thomas Senese is pleased to announce the upcoming installment of two new segments of his educational documentary film series on international child abduction, titled 'CHASING PARENTS: Racing Into The Storms Of International Parental Child Abduction'. Mr. Senese's ongoing educational film series on child abduction provides viewers with incredible insight into the troubling and ever-expanding world of international parental child abduction (IPCA). Presently, Senese's produced and narrated series includes but is not limited to such topics as 'IPCA Today', 'Warning Signs', 'Abduction In Progress', 'Parental Alienation', 'Reform and Change' and 'The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. The new segments, which will be released throughout the month of February will include information obtained by an assortment of research projects the International Child Abduction Research and Enlightenment Foundation (I CARE Foundation) has been conducting over the past year, including specific segments concerning the economic cost to the United States due to IPCA titled 'The Billion Dollar Cost Of IPCA', and a segment that discusses the present and forecasted abduction rate over the next decade titled '100,000 American Children Gone', and finally, a solution-oriented film segment titled, 'How To Stop IPCA Today'.

Peter Thomas Senese commented, "I am very pleased to continue my efforts to raise awareness on the serious global issues of international parental child abduction. The issues of child-stealing have been around for a very long time, but at no point in time has our global society experienced such a sharp and consistent increase of cross-border abduction. Unfortunately, this problem is going to continue to increase significantly from year to year as our world becomes closer. In order to curtail and stop abduction, it is critical that society understands the dynamics of why child abduction is occurring at the high rate that it is, and what must be done about it. Tragically, one of the primary reasons why tens of thousands of children are abducted each year - many gone forever - is because parents are not aware of the warning signs of abduction, and courts and their sitting judges are not informed of the jurisdictional and international law that they must consider when dealing with an abduction prevention case. And of course there is the ever-growing problem that many nations do not either participate or uphold any of the international treaties that address international parental child abduction. In order to stop abduction, the first critical step is for targeted parents to become aware of this growing plague."

'CHASING PARENTS: Racing Into The Storms Of International Parental Child Abduction' has received high marks from parents who have been targeted for abduction.

Jane Simmons, a parent who was at risk of having her children abducted commented, "Mr. Senese's film series opened my eyes to the realities that my children were at risk. Step by step, I paid great attention to all the information contained in the film series, and due to this incredible information, I was able to protect my children. I am forever thankful of Peter Thomas Senese and his efforts to help others."

Ryan O'Connor added, "My child was at risk of IPCA. However, with the significant insight gained by watching the 'CHASING PARENTS: Racing Into The Storms Of International Parental Child Abduction' film series, I was able to ensure my daughter went to school today, and that I was not going to be a parent who fell victim to having my child stolen to another country. The information Peter Thomas Senese has created in this film series is invaluable. I cannot recommend it enough to any parent who is married to another person who is a national of another country, regardless if you think your marriage is strong or not. IPCA exists. And most abducted children do not come back."

Valerie Sandoval stated, "CHASING PARENTS is the reason why I have my family with me today. Without the information Peter Thomas Senese has shared, my children would be gone. There is so much information to know and take in. However, Mr. Senese is meticulous and concise in discussing many aspects of child abduction prevention and what to do if your child is targeted. Combining the extensive videos, Mr. Senese has created a trove of highly informative published information that is very useful and informative. Watching this film series help me protect my children. Without it, I am not sure what I would have done."

Peter Thomas Senese is a best-selling author who has written extensively on the subject of international child abduction. 'The World Turned Upside Down' he co-authored with Carolyn Vlk serves as one of the most informative resource guides on international parental child abduction, and has been made available as a free E-book so those who are in need of the contained information will have immediate access to it.

In addition, Peter Thomas Senese's critically acclaimed and recently released novel that tells a story of a father searching all over the world for his abducted son and is titled 'Chasing The Cyclone' is now available on E-book and will be released this February in hardcover wherever books are sold. Mr. Senese has dedicated 100% of his author royalties to the I CARE Foundation, which he is a member of the organization's Board of Directors. Over the past few weeks alone, the I CARE Foundation has assisted in reuniting 4 children who were abducted, while also preventing the abduction of several of children.

Reviewers have praised Peter Thomas Senese's 'Chasing The Cyclone'.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley commented, "'Chasing the Cyclone' isn't just a powerful novel; it's a call to arms against a growing epidemic that is tearing lives apart behind the headlines... 'Chasing the Cyclone' is much more than just a superb, can't-put-down novel, though; it is a book with a purpose... Peter Thomas Senese has become an outspoken advocate on this issue, and 'Chasing the Cyclone' makes for a clear and profoundly effective call to action. I would go so far as to encourage every loving parent to read this book, as the bond between this father and son is one to be emulated..."

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Harriett Klausner added, "This is an exciting cautionary thriller that grips readers from the onset . . . "Chasing the Cyclone" will shake the audience, this exciting cautionary thriller grips readers from the onset..."

Dr. Grady Harp, a highly respected Amazon Hall Of Fame book reviewer said, "Peter Thomas Senese now opens the windows on the magnitude of these tragedies in his excellent "Chasing the Cyclone"... As if the fast paced energy of this story weren't enough to satisfy the reader, Peter Thomas Senese demonstrates his quality as a writer of distinction on many levels... this impossible to put down book..."

Peter Thomas Senese added, "The next installments of CHASING PARENTS will contain eye-opening and shocking information on the severity of international child abduction, and the overall physical and financial loss due to this crime. What will be revealed is mind-boggling."

For more information please visit Peter Thomas Senese's official website.


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