Absolute Rights Reports that a Recent Survey Shows 91% of Americans are Not Prepared to Survive at Home in Case of a Disaster

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Absolute Rights found in a recent survey that approximately 91% of Americans are not prepared to survive a disaster, like hurricane, blizzard, food shortage, or economic troubles. The new “40 Days and 40 Nights” report from Absolute Rights shows that with these type of disasters people will not have enough food, water and possibly power to survive where they are.

survive at home with 40 Days and 40 Nights survial course

"40 Days and 40 Nights" AbsoluteRights.com

There are more than 23 probable events that experts have identified that could knock out food supplies for 30 - 40 days.

Absolute Rights found that most American families rely on utility companies for power, heat and water, grocery stores for their food and supplies, gas stations for fuel, drug stores for medications, and first responders for emergency health care. Less than 10% of the people that were surveyed were prepared with enough stock, information, and skills to survive at home in a disaster, because the majority of people depend upon the federal government to help them survive in catastrophic events.

Absolute Rights understands that all these systems people take for granted can be easily overwhelmed in a disaster situation, or even wiped out, so they researched, analyzed and compiled the most important information available that people would need to survive at home. The survival information that Absolute Rights released, is the “40 Days and 40 Nights” report, which shows the average person how to make a 40 day preparedness survival plan.

Absolute Rights reveals in their report that there are more than 23 probable events that experts have identified that could knock out food supplies for 30 - 40 days, which means to survive at home people will need a minimum stock of food and water to last them at least a month. Some of the recent disasters that caused this very survival situation, Absolute Rights reports, are the tornadoes in Joplin Missouri, flooding from Hurricane Irene, wildfires in Texas, and the combination of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Fukoshima Japan, all in one year.

Absolute Rights understands that the more prepared people are, the more resilient they will be after a disaster, and the less likely they will be to depend upon other entities for handouts, like the federal agencies, that may or may not be able to arrive on time. The Absolute Rights new report, the “40 Days and 40 Nights” survival preparedness report covers 72 hour kits that are invaluable for survival, because the first 72 hours can mean the difference in life or death many times in a survival situation.

The “40 Days and 40 Nights” survival preparedness report will also cover security and safety as well as field expedient medical and trauma care. Learning to survive in place is imperative, because many times there is no time or the means to evacuate, so being prepared with survival equipment, knowledge and skills to survive at home is the optimum solution.

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