Announcing the Crossover, Created, Designed and Manufactured by Accu Steel Inc., the Original Tension Fabric Building With a Rigid Steel Structural Frame

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A remarkable engineering concept created and developed by the Owner/Engineer of Accu Steel Inc., the CROSSOVER is now in production. The strength of this building allows all dimensions to be customized. This is trusted innovation at affordable pricing.

The CROSSOVER by Accu Steel Inc., is the original fabric building utilizing structural, rigid steel built-up beams instead of open web trusses. It is the newest technology in tension fabric structures. A remarkable engineering concept created and developed by the Owner/Engineer of Accu Steel, Inc. The Crossover utilizes the proven framework of a "steel" building, and all the benefits of a fabric covered building. High wind and snow loads are no longer problems. This is a proven structural steel system already established with engineering departments and local jurisdictions, meaning the strongest fabric buildings are easier to permit.

The strength of the the rigid steel, built-up beam, structural steel frame provides several engineering advantages. One being the variable dimensions: Width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height and roof slope. All these dimensions are determined by the customer and application requirements. Another great feature, not possible in fabric buildings before now, is the ability to install eaves, dormers, gutters, standard windows, standard doors, wide side doors, insulation, and liners. And, we can engineer the building for additional loads, i.e., conveyors, sprinklers, lighting, heaters and air conditioning and fans.

The CROSSOVER by Accu Steel Inc., is the original and the preferred fabric building of those with structural, rigid steel built-up beams in place of hollow-tube, open web truss frames traditionally used for fabric buildings. Solid steel, structural steel beams do not lend themselves to corrosion that commonly originates inside the open web hollow tubing. Hot dip galvanized steel makes the Crossover's rigid steel structural frame virtually corrosion resistant. They are hot-dip galvanized in a lead-free facility; no lead is added to the zinc in the galvanization process.

The CROSSOVER is an exceptional choice in tension fabric structures; a multi purpose, fast, durable, economical solution for cattle and dairy barns, and farm buildings including the hay, grain, feed and fertilizer storage business. Agricultural, industrial and commercial businesses alike recognize the advantages provided by fabric structures, including the low cost, quick turnaround, green construction and sustainable design.

The CROSSOVER features:

Made in the USA, produced with superior quality; world-class customer service and an unmatched 20 year warranty. Purchase direct from the manufacture, Accu Steel Inc., Website:, Phone: 1.877.338.6936.

From 30' to 300' wide x any length, these fabric structures are spacious, the total inside space is useable. There are no internal columns or supports to interfere with interior plans. Utilize the maximum amount of space possible for any application. The dimensions of width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height, and roof slope are chosen by the customer and application requirements.

Utilized in agricultural, industrial, commercial, government, military, municipal, and public works operations, these fabric buildings are highly versatile.

The CROSSOVER is ideal for a wide range of building solutions: bulk storage, commodity storage, aggregates storage, and port buildings; distribution centers, logistics and transport buildings, and rail car staging areas; fuel and lubrication facilities, and equipment washing areas; car, truck, and farm equipment storage; compost and fertilizer processing and storage, recycling operations, and waste management; cattle barns, beef barns, feedlot covers, dairy buildings, free stall barns, cattle confinement, and dry bed pack barns; animal shelters, goat buildings, alpaca shelters, and calf buildings; grain buildings, hay storage, wheat storage, and feed storage; commercial warehouse storage; public works buildings, salt and sand storage, water treatment plants; special events, convention centers, concert halls, and entertainment stages; indoor sports and recreational facilities; mining buildings and oil drilling shelters; military shelters and aircraft hangars.

Variable height sidewalls allow for the height needed to provide extraordinary clearance for ease of movement, loading and handling, entry and exit access. Experience speedy deployment as heavy equipment can drive inside and easily maneuver.

Structural steel frames come in red oxide prime steel, powder coat, or hot dip galvanized. Our hot dip galvanizing process is done in a lead-free facility; no lead is added to the zinc in the galvanization process. In highly corrosive environments, the Crossover's structural rigid steel built-up beams are protected with 300% more zinc than competitor's buildings, which lengthens the life of structural steel.

Energy efficient white fabric covers provide an inviting interior environment which increases productivity. They reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption. In addition, the translucent and reflective qualities of the cover provide indoor temperature stability; buildings stay cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. These benefits provide huge energy savings.
Natural ventilation and abundant light provide a fresh, clean feel and smell. Natural light cuts down on moisture and bacteria growth, providing a healthier environment. Superior ventilation options are available. Unobstructed views with no shadows allow excellent visibility while working inside the structure.

Fast delivery and fast installation. When a building is required quickly, the CROSSOVER can be manufactured it in just a few weeks. It can be installed in less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional wood or steel building. The design of the Crossover provides prompt unloading from the delivery as well as efficient installation, which saves money.

It is fully code compliant to current IBC Building Code, including compliance to wind and snow loads, at the specific property location of the fabric building, providing superior structural integrity. Engineered stamped drawings accompany all buildings requiring a permit.

The CROSSOVER Tension Fabric Building is innovation you can trust that is setting the industry standard for rigid steel, built-up beam structures.

Call Accu Steel Inc. at 1.877.338.6936 and/or visit


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