LIMNION Improves Old Ground Loop Systems with GeoCirculator Technology

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LIMNION Corporation, developers of the LIMNION LIMA-1 compact geothermal transfer system, can improve old ground loop systems with LIMNION GeoCirculator a new product that utilizes state of the art flow distribution technology

LIMNION Corporation (, the Canadian developer and manufacturer of LIMNION LIMA-1, a high-tech compact geothermal transfer system, introduces LIMNION GeoCirculator (Patent Pending) a non-pressurized geothermal circulation system that can improve the performance of existing geothermal heating and cooling systems including ground loops and vertical bores. Developed to compliment the high performance capabilities of the LIMNION LIMA-1, the GeoCirculator can also enhance the performance of other ground/lake source systems.

“The LIMNION GeoCirculator offers an efficient and very effective way to increase the performance of old ground loop systems. It can even improve the performance of poorly designed and problematic loop systems. In the case of an old or poorly performing existing lake loop system, the best results can be achieved by installing both the LIMA-1 along with the GeoCirculator,” states Lorne Heise, Founder and CEO of LIMNION Corporation.

The LIMNION GeoCirculator, incorporates a unique flow control design that provides the required variable fluid flow to both ground source loop field or other devices, like the LIMA -1, and the partnered heat pump. One single GeoCirculator has the ability to handle a variety of circulation pump arrangements and varying flow rates. Multiple GeoCirculator systems can be used to achieve greater flow control and stability in geothermal systems that require the use of more than one circulation system. For larger residential and commercial applications, customized GeoCirculator products can be manufactured to meet larger flow requirements upwards of 300GPM. All internal components of the GeoCirculator are manufactured of stainless steel and are unaffected by various freezing inhibitors and stabilizing fluids. In colder climates the GeoCirculator has the ability to maintain fluid flow consistency despite fluctuating temperatures.

“Dealing with an old, outdated ground loop system that doesn’t work right can be very frustrating for home owners. Replacing an entire system is expensive and time consuming. We have customers with older ground loop installations whose problems have been solved by adding the GeoCirculator to their existing system. For example, Dave is a customer who had an older ground loop installation that never worked properly. It was clearly evident that his in-ground geothermal system was not working correctly. You could actually see where the ground around the system had heaved due to extreme freezing, causing large bumps in his lawn and lifting the stairs to his deck. To fix the problem, Dave removed his outdated flow center and replaced it with our GeoCirculator system and was so pleased with the results that he wrote, “A huge thank you to the Limnion team for their professional and courteous service. Limnion is a market leader with incredibly ingenious products. What a pleasure.” Dave now has a proper and efficient ground loop/ geothermal system and he couldn’t be happier and neither could we,” says Heise.

Contact Information:
Lorne Heise, CEO
LIMNION Corporation
Limnion Geothermal Transfer Systems
PO Box 4100
Carnarvon ON K0M 1J0
Phone: 705 754-4545
Toll Free: 800-584-4944

About LIMNION Geothermal Transfer Systems: Delivering state of the art geothermal technology, LIMNION Geothermal Transfer Systems offer effective, practical and energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for new and retrofit water heat pumps. Eliminating the clutter and maintenance associated with underwater lake heat transfer loops, LIMNION Geothermal Transfer Systems are engineered for lake loops, pond loops, river loops, and oceans loops and are compatible with water to air and water to water heat pump technology. The LIMNION GeoCirculator can be used to improve the performance of existing geothermal heating and cooling systems, including ground loops and vertical bores. The LIMNION LIMA-1 can be used with any premium quality "water to air" or "water to water" heat pump. For more information about the GeoCirculator or LIMA-1, please visit or call 1-800-584-4944.

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