The Imperfect Messenger Foundation Supports Renovating the U.S. Senate 2012 & Went Looking For Signs of Citizen Patriots Willing to Take a Stand

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During a recent trip to Salt Lake, Author & Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco witnessed first-hand the cure for the common flaw; a dedicated citizenry uniting around a common concern. Greco states; “Tim Aalders is the face of a growing movement. A community who rightly views the cause of social, political and economic crisis as being directly related to failed leadership and government’s policy of general tyranny and they’re taking action!” The Imperfect Messenger Foundation supports the efforts of Tim Aalder’s Senate Exploratory Committee as a first step in what we hope will mature into a full-fledged campaign leading the charge in a much broader ambition; to restore this Nations Common Ideal and Identity.

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...witness first-hand the cure for the common flaw!"

During a recent visit with Tim Aalders, Curtis Greco discussed the Exploratory Committees’ progress and the greater message of his political ambitions. Greco views Tim Aalders appeal as “being driven by a truly grass-roots organization that has grown weary of the detached and non-responsive routines of Utah’s multi-term tenured Senator, Orrin Hatch. He is viewed as a practical extension of the excesses of government; inefficient, excessive, non-responsive and contributory negligent.” The Committee was established by local attorney, Dwayne Vance, who stated that “We are responding to the call of our fellow citizens to reduce the size, scope and influence of the federal government.”

Curtis Greco commented, “Tim Aalders own words echo with a timber that speaks not only of his own trials, he speaks for a growing body of his fellow citizens as well who share similar concerns. He is the bedrock of a stout spirit and the purest emblem that I know of for the iconic American Identity and precisely why we must continue to ‘Hold these truths as self-evident’!” In Aalders own words he speaks the perfect message; “Every day millions of Americans wake up to an uncertain future; they go without food or clothing.... They’re losing their jobs, businesses, homes and livelihood. Yet these stories go untold…you see, Washington and Wall Street do not adhere to the same rules that we do. Americans are listening to our message and waking up.” Aalders is leveraging his influence both through his daily radio shows, Buy Back America, national audience and his inspire project; Declaration of Restoration.

Following his return from Salt Lake City, Utah, Carmen Mete, The Imperfect Messenger Foundation lead researcher, caught up with Curtis Greco for his insights on what the future holds for Mr. Aalders and his message. Greco offered the following observation: “True, the State of Utah shares a 1/50th interest in the future of these United States yet in the domain of suffering and loss of Freedoms & Liberties long since thought to be sacred, the price of our tolerance for political failure is a distinctly individual burden and one of epidemic proportions and not simply confined to the Wasatch Range and high-desert plains of Utah. His is a message of America as it is today; a story of Tim Aalders, an every-man American. As he explores the feasibility of a U.S. Senate Campaign, I truly hope he takes the next step. The Nation needs to populate the entire Congress with men and women with this type of conviction. I share Mr. Aalders belief in the uncommon goodness of the common ideal particularly when expressed by an individual who represents the very reason why the cause of this Nation is worth perfecting. Mr. Aalders is the very image of an attribute which seems foreign to the practices of government at all levels: The attribute of character. If Aalders makes a formal run Senator Hatch could face a challenge his thirty-six years of cumulative influence may not be sufficient to overcome a substance-based challenge.”

Greco continued, “You know Carmen, some will wonder, more will sit and lament in the company of common miseries; fortunately though there will be a few who will rise and lead those who labor in anonymity and though they may be of different minds they remain eager to insure their common ideal. This, my friend, is the very core of the American Identity. It remains a National cause worth perfecting.”

The Imperfect Messenger Foundations fundamental cause revolves around a simple principal: “To compel the higher ideals of purpose and duty” by promoting a greater and more universal understanding of the Ideals expressed in this Nations own Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” As Curtis Greco, Author & Founder, regularly states, “This simple phrase is a National Cause in search of a willing People who dare express a willing commitment to preserving a cause worth perfecting!”

Greco’s articles can be seen with regularity in various publications however feel free to source and view each of his commentaries online at The Imperfect Messenger Foundations website.

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