New Education About the Blue Planet Project and Global Water Access on Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water

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Anil Naidoo of Canada's Blue Planet Project Talks with Sharon Kleyne about Maude Barlow and Water Access as a Human Right.

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Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio talk show, recently interviewed Anil Naidoo of Canada's Blue Planet Project about global water access, water access as a UN sanctioned human right, and Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow.

The interview may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes.

The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water has always supported investment and activism to promote improved water access and water conservation. Lack of reliable water access, according to Sharon Kleyne, is the cause of numerous wars and prevents education and economic growth in the world's poorest regions.

The Blue Planet Project, according to Mr. Naidoo, is a Canadian activist movement to promote the improved water access and water justice worldwide. The organization was founded by Maude Barlow, a prolific author and environmental writer. Sharon noted that worldwide, thousands of children die or go blind each day due to dehydration (not enough water), water borne diseases (from unsanitary water) or other diseases involving sanitation.

The Blue Planet Project was instrumental in persuading the United Nations, in 2010, to officially recognize water and sanitation as human rights.

Sharon observed that the water problem may be worse than many people realize. Given that water is the basis of all life on Earth, she pointed out that water in the air – humidity – tends to be overlooked in scientific research. The atmosphere contains 3,600 cubic miles of water (according to Winston Kao, SKH guest on Dec. 19, 2011), and much of it is becoming polluted. Polluted humidity, according to Sharon Kleyne, is tantamount to low humidity. Studies show a correlation between mortality rates and humidity that is either too low or too high (Alan Barecca, Tulane University, 2009).

Mr. Naidoo observed that the rate of desertification (expansion of desert or xeric regions at the expense of more moderate climates) is expanding globally, with the strongest impact on the poorest people of African and Asia. Mr. Naidoo described this as "unacceptable."

The Blue Planet Project remains strongly involved with the push for water as a human right and is attempting to translate the UN vote into implementation and action to save lives. He is discouraged by the world's many water wars and the diversion of water to those with the most power, the most aggressive armies and the densest population.

At present, Mr. Naidoo explains, water is treated as property, which means it must be contained and held for the owner to retain possession. However, to remain healthy and pure, accomplish the most benefit, and be quickly returned to the hydrologic cycle, water needs to keep moving.
If water is owned, Mr. Naidoo notes, it cannot meet social and economic objectives. Fish do not own water. Says Mr. Naidoo: "Water flows uphill – towards money."

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