Segway of Oakland Offers New, Lower Corporate Rental Options

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The Segway is great for team building and for many other company events. Segway of Oakland has special corporate rates for Segway events and Segway rentals.

The Segway is great for team building and for many other company events. Segway of Oakland,, has more rental options, a bigger rental fleet, and training staff to help make the Segway experience tons of fun.

The Segway is the only self balancing two-wheeled vehicle and has a unique method of operation. It's great for many company events because the Segway is something unique that everybody talks about once they give it a try.

As Segway of Oakland has grown, so has their staff and rental fleet allowing them to offer new, lower corporate rental rates and handle even large groups. Segway of Oakland can now offer guides for personal training, and provide liability coverage for hands-on interaction with groups between 2-200 people. Segway of Oakland also has special corporate rates for renting the Segway for companies that have experience with Segway units and want to do it themselves.

The Segway is great indoors or outdoors, and Segway of Oakland can even set up a closed course indoors to make the experience complete. A Segway takes some limited training and practice, so Segway of Oakland has the personnel there to help train people and get them up and running quickly. Further, with Segway of Oakland's personnel and hands on training and guidance their liability coverage provides up to two million dollars of protection. So, with Segway of Oakland's personnel there, companies have the experienced personnel needed to oversee the Segway as the are being used in team building exercises or other company events.

Segway of Oakland gets people up and standing on the Segway within a few minutes, and once the basic moves are understood, Segway guides give people the instructions and supervision they need to navigate a 5 or 6 minute course. This short ride on the Segway is really exciting for for first time Segway riders. People love it at company events because it is really exciting to learn to ride something like the Segway and get up and going in just a few minutes.

Segway of Oakland's personnel are very experienced and can train people with more skill and safety than any other Segway company in the area. That's because Segway of Oakland is an affiliate of Segway Inc. and has been doing it longer than anybody.

Segway of Oakland can get up to 10 units running at once on a short closed course and can train at the same time up to 100 people in an hour or 300 people in a three hour event. In past events in very large convention halls Segway of Oakland has handled events that have thousands of people. The Segway also works great in a very large convention setting where participants have various activity options, including a Segway course.

Riding the Segway over a short course is exciting at any corporate party for employees or other participants and Segway of Oakland can accommodate virtually any group size. People who have never ridden a Segway usually have the most memorable experience but even experienced Segway riders can learn some things about what's new with Segway from our guides. Typical event rental rates are $250 per guide. The new, special corporate rates are only $150 per guide/unit for up to 3 hours. Each guide handles at least one Segway at a time.

Three guides can usually handle 75 people in a 3 hour event, and the cost of three guides with units is now only $450. The more guides and units, the more riding time for the participants, and depending on the demographics of the group, more or less guides may be recommended. However, there is a substantial amount of flexibility, and we can accommodate budget requirements easily by pushing the number of guides down or up as needed.

Segway of Oakland also rents the Segway and has special corporate rates that are equivalent to 25% off the normal Segway rental rate. Companies that have used the Segway before for events, will often rent the Segways and do the event themselves. When companies use their own personnel and insurance, the costs are substantially less because they only need to pay rental rates for the Segways themselves.

A number of companies across the Bay Area rent the Segway PT from Segway of Oakland. In some cases, they rent them for events, but in other cases they use them for security or for their own personnel. Segways are great for patrolling around event areas and pathways. They are routinely rented for one day events of all kinds.

Any company can rent from Segway of Oakland at the special corporate rental rate. These rates start at $75 a day per unit or $245 a week per unit. That's at least 20% savings from previous rates at Segway of Oakland and 40% less than typical rates charged by many other firms. The Segway PT has no other operating requirements or costs other than charging them up, which amounts to pennies per day. Riders can glide all day and the cost is still just $75.

Segway of Oakland is also the only company in the area that rents both Segway i2's and x2's. That means one can opt for the regular Segway PT i2, or the more robustly-tired Segway x2. All of the other local rental firms rent the regular narrow tired version only.

Riding the Segway really is one the ultimate activities for many kinds of companies all across the Bay Area. They are the ultimate "green machine" and because they are one of the first totally unique vehicles to come along relatively recently, the Segway is invariably talked about for a long time after any corporate event or party. Plus, many companies rent the Segway for do-it-yourself events or for patrolling, event staff, or security.

Give Segway of Oakland a call today at 1-888-8SEGWAY for more information about group events and renting Segway PT's.

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