20-20 Vision Without Eye Glasses is Possible According to Former Optometrist

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20-20 vision without eye glasses is now possible according to a former optometrist in his latest book. The new book, Vision No Glasses, is helping those that are visually challenged with new optical exercises that are said to cure bad vision for good.

20-20 Vision No Glasses
The human body adapts to the corrections that are made and the natural eyesight is affected.

20-20 vision is something that former optometrist, Duke Petersen, spoke about daily to his patients in his ophthalmology practice. After years of working correcting vision, Duke has authored a new book that is helping others to see better without the need for corrective lenses or optical surgeries. The Vision No Glasses book includes detailed information that can help correct a person’s bad eyesight without requiring expensive glasses or testing.

Some market research studies have revealed the actual cost of seeking surgical eye treatments. Many people that are without forms of health insurance are usually forced to pay for these treatments to correct a vision problem. Unlike the health industry, there are currently no pills, solutions or ointments that are available that can correct eyesight that has deteriorated.

People of any age can be susceptible to eye problems and the Vision No Glasses book is designed to provide a way to correct vision without medical intervention.

Vision tests are usually how someone is notified that eyesight has degenerated. According to research revealed in the Vision No Glasses book, the human body can adapt to loss of vision and someone may be unaware of the deterioration until testing is completed by a vision professional. The ability to drive, read instructions and general communication are all affected by eyesight. The Vision No Glasses book is helping to reveal ways to reverse eyesight deterioration.

A study revealed by the Optometric Extension Program Foundation revealed that vision can be harmed by repeated use of eyeglasses and contact lenses. The human body adapts to the corrections that are made and the natural eyesight is affected. Part of the information now revealed in the Vision No Glasses book centers around getting rid of eyeglasses and performing optical testing daily to help re-train eyesight.

The Vision No Glasses book is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose an eyesight problem but present new methods for correction. The book can now be downloaded at this link online.

About Vision No Glasses

Duke Petersen was a leading optical specialist for over 25 years. He has studied the craft of optometry and authored several books on the topic. The Vision No Glasses book is his latest effort that reveals for the first time in print to the public how to correct bad vision. The methods that are revealed in the book could help someone to achieve 20-20 vision that currently struggles with glasses or contact lenses. The information that is presented is based on the 25-year career of Duke Petersen and the trial testing that his patients have completed. Duke Peterson is a former eyeglass wearer and has used the methods revealed in the Vision No Glasses book to correct his own vision.

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