Three percent of Americans are achieving life goals. Author Derek Mills launches The 10-Second Philosophy:A Practical Guide To Releasing Your Inner Genius (Hay House USA)

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“Derek Mills has found out how to create lasting success. He walks his talk - it's powerful and inspiring and a gift that he's sharing with us all” - John Gray, Author of ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’ Only three per cent of Americans achieve their goals* - what about the other 97 per cent? Debut US author Derek Mills (The Standards Guy®) who featured alongside Jack Canfield in this year’s Las Vegas Film Festival’s Award-winning ‘Keeper of the Keys’, launches The 10-Second Philosophy – A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius (published by Hay House USA) focusing on life Standards over Goals and TrueSelf.

This Fall 2012, Hay House USA is launching Derek Mills’ (AKA The Standards Guy®) first book, one that will literally shake The USA and Canada to their very core. Simply entitled, The 10-Second Philosophy®, this insightful work reveals how Derek’s doldrums lifestyle literally changed within 10-Seconds, after being asked a simple question by a security guard at his office. This 10-Second epiphany prompted Derek to change his life path forever, focusing on living a life as one’s TrueSelf and setting Standards NOT Goals as the definitive sound life blueprint.

According to Derek:-

“These US statistics are frightening, particularly when both Education and much of the corporate world is goals-driven. From a personal perspective, my true story is both profound and simple. Standards are a way of life. Goals always need to be ‘reached’ or ‘achieved’. I wasted 18 years of my life focusing on Goals that were not realistic and constantly felt inadequate because I wasn’t reaching the goals that I and others around me were setting on my behalf.

“As a sportsman in my own right, I, along with millions of others around the world, have witnessed what is possible in 10-Seconds at the recent Olympics 2012 in London. Goals can hold people back in any aspect of their lives. In The USA, your culture has always been driven by customer service so in some ways the three per cent figure we are banding around contradicts the nature of the American beast. There is much work to be done and I will be coming to The US in January 2013 to speak to audiences and answer questions once they have read in the book,” he added.

In essence, Derek Mills’ new book, The 10-Second Philosophy, can help you better understand:-
•Why setting life goals doesn’t work and how setting Standards instead can and will dramatically change the quality of your life
•How the words, thoughts, questions and phrases you encounter and use on a daily basis can be used to access your inner genius and make lasting change in seconds
•How and why Derek’s powerful personal story from failure and despair to success and happiness beyond his wildest dreams can be your reality, starting within just 10 seconds

Derek Mills shares his 10-Second Philosophy® and PERFECT Life Standards System™ with audiences all over the world, helping them to re-evaluate the concept of goal-setting, in order to create and live a happier life. In addition to being a lauded international motivational speaker and coach, Derek is now an author, film producer, senior partner in one of the UK’s leading wealth management organisations and also featured in an Award-winning film as announced at the recent Las Vegas Film Festival.

The 10-Second Philosophy, published by Hay House USA, is available to buy at Barnes & Noble/ and

Available to buy throughout The USA and Canada at RRP $15.95. ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’ is also available to buy as an e-book. Follow Derek on Twitter @derekmills1 and ‘Like’ his Facebook page ‘DerekMills.The10SecondPhilosophy’.


For media information regarding Derek Mills and the launch of his new book in The USA and Canada, as well as photography, book copies/extracts and interviews, please contact:-

Miranda Leslau - miranda leslau pr    Cell: (from The US) +44 7912 644993    Skype: miranda23026    Twitter: @mirandaprguru

Editor’s Notes:-

About Derek Mills

Father of four, Derek Mills, was born in Birmingham in The UK and has learnt from personal experience that change can happen in seconds. Back in 2003, Derek was at rock bottom, working long hours, struggling financially, neglecting his health and hardly spending any time with his family.

Late one night, the office security guard asked him a seemingly insignificant question: “What time did you get in this morning?”. The guard walked away before Derek had answered, but in the following 10 seconds Derek felt a surge of feelings rise up inside him. He looked honestly and deeply within himself and had a breakthrough moment.

In that moment of clarity Derek realised that his current life was intolerable. Having always thought the answers were outside of him, in that moment he tapped into something much more powerful, his inner voice, or his TrueSelf. He knew exactly what he had to do – to stop setting goals and instead set new high daily standards for his life, which were congruent with who he really was on the inside. The very next day he started living his life based on the Standards he set for himself and his life began to improve. By 2007 Derek was a millionaire, working a four day week, spending time with his wife and children and living the life he had dreamed of. Today, Derek is sharing his vision and learnings on both sides of The Atlantic through the publication of his first book, The 10-Second Philosophy and to audiences world-wise as a motivational speaker.

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