Likewise Skincare, a Daily Skin Care Manufacturer, Reacts to an Article Revealing Dietary Measures Contributing to Anti-Aging

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A representative for Likewise Skincare offers additional advice following a Huffington Post article explaining the healthy ingredients that can help increase collagen production.

On October 17, daily skin care manufacturer Likewise Skincare responds to an article published by The Huffington Post regarding the several ways, from sun protection to diet, to “age gracefully.”

According to The Huffington Post, although the loss of collagen causes skin to dull and wrinkle as we age, eating a proper diet can help boost collagen production from within. “Foods rich in lysine and proline convert into collagen when eaten. Foods high in lysine include meat, fish, egg whites, legumes, peanuts, and soybeans. Proline is found in gelatin-based foods and dairy products. But, you need to eat vitamin C-rich foods along with your proline foods so everything is synthesized and processed correctly by the body, and you actually gain all the benefits,” The Huffington Post reports. In addition the article confirms that dark, leafy vegetables and citrus fruits all aid in collagen production. The article affirms that consuming these foods will benefit skin because “Collagen of course, is the protein that helps give our skin its youthful tone, elasticity and firmness.”

The Huffington Post article also states that vitamin E is useful by protecting against UV rays, which damages skin and promotes aging. Likewise Skincare, a scientific skincare brand, confirms that sun damage is the leading factor in aging and uses a powerful SPF in their daily skin care products. According to Lisa Shariat, a representative for Likewise, “Although Vitamin E provides protection against ultraviolet rays, I recommend using moisturizes with sunscreen daily. Dermatologists recommend reapplying sunscreen every two hours to protect skin from sun damage. Since UV rays break down collagen, anyone interested in anti-aging should plan a daily sunscreen routine.”

The Huffington Post affirms that a healthy lifestyle will help contribute to a healthy, youthful complexion. “When it comes to beauty, age truly is just a concept -- and if you can embrace that, and the idea of taking fabulous of yourself, focusing on a healthy lifestyle and taking charge of your well-being.”

Likewise Skincare was established by board-certified dermatologist and President of Likewise, Inc., Dr. Julie Pena. Likewise daily moisturizers are all-in-one but not one-fits-all. Every moisturizer is created with skin-balancing toners to work with your specific skin type. The moisturizers use a combination of anti-aging antioxidants, ultra-protective zinc oxide and water-resistant ingredients to keep you and your skin protected.

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