Mid Atlantic Natural Insulation Launches East Coast Distribution Network for Wool Insulation Including Collaboration and Distribution Agreement with Black Mountain USA

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Mid Atlantic Insulation is the nation’s leading and most highly experienced provider of loose-fill, blown-in wool insulation material. This new initiative makes the products readily available to the east coast market.

Mid Atlantic Natural Insulation

Insulation is the nation’s leading and most highly experienced provider of loose-fill, blown-in wool insulation material. This new initiative makes the products readily available to the east coast market.

Until now, natural wool blown-in insulation was only available from suppliers on the west coast, adding untenable shipping costs, and consuming valuable time on your project.

“100% Natural Insulation is the most sought after green building product in the trend toward more environmentally sound, sustainable, and efficient use of ‘Green’ building materials. Our products satisfy the growing demand for materials that are both environmentally sound AND efficient,” says Bob Johnson, General Manager at Mid Atlantic.

“The movement toward 100% natural insulation has continued to gain momentum, and has received national notoriety in major publications like the Wall Street Journal, as well as feature articles on local and national TV coast to coast,” according to Charles Clarke, national sales manager for the company.

Tom Miller, production and quality assurance manager at Mid Atlantic says: “Sheep wool has long been recognized as a highly effective and efficient insulating material, but until we perfected the process to assure fire resistance and the ability to be blown-in with existing commercial equipment its only form was in batting.” Miller goes on to say that “While batting insulation is highly appropriate for some applications, it is more expensive to manufacture, handle, and ship.”

Ever since introducing its line of natural insulation products, Mid Atlantic Insulation has received hundreds of questions from homeowners and contractors. "We recently decided the best way to educate as many people as possible about the advantages of our products was to offer a free sample of our sheep wool insulation," said Johnson. Homeowners who want to see and feel natural wool insulation can get their free sample directly from the Mid Atlantic’s website: http://www.NaturalHomeInsulation.com

Wool insulation, with its unique fiber qualities, is naturally fire resistant. Untreated wool fiber will not support open flame. “Mid Atlantic’s loose fill insulation is treated, just as most insulation products, with a chemical solution to make it even more fire resistant. The difference is that our treatments are not petro-chemicals, they are natural chemicals from the earth. Petrochemicals emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s); things like formaldehyde, benzene, and methane; not materials you would like to inhale on a daily basis,” according to Johnson.

When asked about the application/installation of their wool insulation, Clarke says, “there is really no difference in how the products are applied or installed as compared to conventional loose-fill materials. The identical equipment and methods are utilized.” He goes on to say that the sound absorption qualities of wool are far superior to fiberglass, and ground up newspaper (cellulose). “Our material is not only of a slightly higher R-value, but also does not settle over time. This provides a longer lasting air seal in addition to a more complete seal. We have already discussed the health related issues and would add that another of wool’s unique characteristics is its ability to absorb, and desorbs up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture. Try spraying water on your cellulose insulation…up to one third of its weight.”

About Us
Mid Atlantic Insulation has many years’ experience with insulation materials. In recent years we have seen growing interest and demand for Natural Insulation Materials. The reasons are obvious and growing as consumers turn to greener, more environmentally friendly products wherever possible. More recently we have found that sheep’s wool is not only the most natural, but also the most efficient and user-friendly of all the natural products.

Mid Atlantic Insulation is a family owned and operated business; their folks are the nation’s most knowledgeable and innovative makers of natural sheep’s wool insulation. Mid Atlantic employees have been the hallmark that highlights why we are the industry’s leader. Our Technical, Production, Sales and Equipment Managers have over 20 combined years of experience in this industry.

Evolutionary Applications
Mid Atlantic’s System of blown-in-place wool insulation, has led to our rapid growth in new and retro-fit residential construction, while our many cost saving designs are expanding our business in the multi-unit residential and commercial market. Our strategic plan will have Mid Atlantic Premium Wool Insulation and our EnviroTherm Products known as the very best insulation value for property owners with a desire for a 100% natural insulation material.

Unparalleled Technical Support
Through state-of-the-art testing using certified laboratories, as well as diagnostic tools and fast, accurate estimates, Mid Atlantic provides unrivaled services to builders, architects, general contractors, building code officials, realtors, dealers and homeowners. The company is looking forward to continued growth through their latest distribution expansion.

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