Unique Maternity Clothes Help Protect Mom and Baby From Cell Phones

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Trendy and innovative maternity tops – a new high-tech option for pregnant women. Cell phone and pregnancy health risk issues are becoming more widely understood and discussed these days, and pregnant women are often left wondering what to believe and what to do about their own exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy.

Some birth defects or miscarriage might even result from fetal exposure to EMF radiation.

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Protec Maternity Wear, LLC, a reproductive sciences research business entity, has developed a unique new line of maternity products which is designed to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation exposure in the womb during a baby's development at the most critical phases of life.

These safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic maternity garments are specially designed to minimize radiation reaching the baby from cell-phones, iPods, neighborhood power lines, home appliances, and such. Protec’s research scientists, doctors, and biomedical engineers have designed the special maternity garments after conducting an exhaustive analysis of relevant published studies on hazardous EMF radiation bio-effects which revealed that:

  • Much man-made EMF radiation easily penetrates through body tissues, exposing babies during pregnancy.
  • EMF radiation can harm living reproduction cells, and could affect fertility.
  • EMF radiation may have adverse effects on the development of an embryo/fetus in the womb.
  • Some birth defects or miscarriage might even result from fetal exposure to EMF radiation.
  • There is new experimental evidence that EMF radiation can indirectly damage DNA, thus causing cancer, and may contribute to osteoporosis, autism, and child asthma.

Fortunately, a new technology exists that can help reduce mom and baby’s exposure to EMF radiation during pregnancy. Protec Maternity Wear uses special, lightweight fabrics, so that their attractive, soft, and comfortable garments, with EMF-radiation-reducing liner, help to minimize the amount of harmful cell phone radiation (as well as EMF radiation from other electrical and electronic devices) that reaches a developing baby in the womb. The special garments absorb and reflect away much of the EMF radiation, thus helping to decrease the possibly dangerous EMF radiation energy to the baby. And even non-pregnant women may take advantage of these fashionable anti-EMF protective garments, thus reducing cell phone EMF radiation exposure of their reproductive system.

At http://www.Protec-Maternity.com you will find a variety of trendy styles – either worn alone or as layering pieces – and even undergarments. Prices begin at $39.00. Check us out soon on http://www.Amazon.com. Proceeds from sales will help support further Protec Maternity Wear, LLC pregnancy research and planned clinical studies!

For more information, please contact ProtecMaternity (at) Gmail (dot) com or call (866) 610-2519.

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