Indie Authors Sean Platt and David Wright Sign With Amazon Publishing’s 47North

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Sean Platt and David Wright, indie authors who found breakout success with their post-apocalyptic serial, Yesterday’s Gone, have recently signed a deal to write two new serials for 47North, the sci-fi, fantasy, horror imprint of Amazon Publishing, as part of the new Kindle Serials program.

Z 2134 - Platt and Wright's First Serial With 47North

We’re writing with the pacing, cliffhangers, and strong characterization you typically find in superbly scripted TV dramas. We started this year saying we want to be the HBO, AMC, or Showtime of the Kindle Generation.

The first serial, which began on October 9, is the sci-fi/horror thriller Z 2134, which the writers pitch as The Walking Dead meets The Hunger Games by way of 1984. The story takes place in a dystopian America in the year 2134, a century after a zombie plague wiped out or infected most of the world. Now society lives behind six walled cities where the government controls every aspect of life. You must be productive and obey the laws or you might find yourself forced to play in The Darwin Games, a Survivor-type reality show where there can be only one winner. The story begins when a man is set up for a murder he didn’t commit and forced into The Games. When his daughter begins to unravel a conspiracy, she finds herself marked as an enemy of the state.

Z 2134′s first season will unfold in six installments, ranging from 10,000 − 15,000 words each. The first three episodes was made available on October 9 with episodes 4, 5, and 6 appearing every other week starting on October 23. Once the serial’s first season is complete, it will be available as a full book in both digital and print editions.

The second serial, Monstrous, appearing in November, will run on a weekly schedule, and is about a man who loses his life during a home invasion gone wrong. He wakes in purgatory with no idea what happened to his wife and child. A demon offers him an opportunity to live again, but the deal has one horrible hidden clause.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the 47North family, and that we’re doing it with Kindle Serials seems almost predestined,” said Platt. “After our initial discussions with 47North, we realized that they get the serial experience, they get sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, the genres we write in, and were excited to sign with them!”

It’s the writing duo’s serialized efforts that got the attention of 47North, who reached out to them based on their success with Yesterday’s Gone, which has earned them rave reviews and allowed them to work full-time as authors since they started the series in 2011.

The deal with 47North is the first publishing deal for the authors, who feel that Amazon Publishing is poised to bring serials back into the mainstream in a way that the company’s Kindle Direct Publishing revolutionized self-publishing, allowing authors to find and build their own readership in a way that’s never been possible before.

The deal includes the first season of two serials, with options for future serials and seasons. It also gives the indie authors something they’ve never had before, wider exposure to more readers, access to professional editing, cover designers, print books, and the possibility of audio versions of the books.

“We’re so excited for this opportunity to partner with 47North,” said Wright. “None of this would’ve happened without our readers and their support for what Sean and I have been doing this past year. This is the kind of thing I used to dream about when I was a geek in school, passing stories to kids in class. I used to watch as people read, waiting for them to get to the cliffhanger ending and the ‘to be continued…’ part. I loved it when they’d get mad, or their eyes would widen, and they’d demand to know what happened next. Now we’re doing it for a much wider audience!”

While serials have been around for ages, the writers say that comic books and serialized TV have informed their particular style.

“We’re not just breaking a standard book into a serial,” said Platt. “We’re writing with the pacing, cliffhangers, and strong characterization you typically find in superbly scripted TV dramas. We started this year saying we want to be the HBO, AMC, or Showtime of the Kindle Generation. Amazon has provided us the platform to find readers who like the same kind of stuff, and nothing excites us more.”

The writers have also finished first seasons of WhiteSpace, ForNevermore, and Available Darkness series, along with two volumes of their Dark Crossings short stories. Learn more about their work at or connect with them at Facebook

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