Jules Ruis (The Netherlands) nominated for the first LeBon Prize for Fractal Mathematics

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Recently the Foundation for Top Education in The Netherlands (Stichting TopOpleidingen, STOP) established the LeBon Prize for Fractal Mathematics, destinated for persons of worldclass level in the field of innovative and applied fractal mathematics. On October 12, 2012 Jules Ruis got the first nomination for that prize, that will be reached out on January 15, 2013 in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Jules Ruis developed the Fractal Trigeometry which is of great importance for the third industrial revolution of 3D Printing of e.g. artificial human organs and solar cells.

A 'Fractal' is in its original sense a mathematical object of repeating patterns, invariant of scale and with a broken dimension. Jules Ruis developed the so called 'Julius Ruis Set', being a smart graphical presentation of 400 small images, showing that the Mandelbrot Set is the parameter basin of all closed Julia Sets. “ Fractal Trigeometry’’ is a new field of mathematics, using a kind of complex numbers in the 3D space.

See: http://www.fractal.org/Formula-Mandelbulb.pdf

According to Jules Ruis the whole world is a fractal.

See 'Fractalary: Fractals from Planet to Atoms’: http://www.fractal.org/Fractalary/Fractalary.htm

What other people say.

Andras Pellionisz, CEO HelixoMetry, says:
“Jules Ruis is one of the world's leading experts on fractals. I am particularly impressed by his single-minded devotion to the branch of mathematics and computer science that is increasingly becoming "the mathematics of Nature" (to borrow a phrase from Benoit Mandelbrot).

Jules Ruis - among his other responsibilities - is also a co-Founder in the International PostGenetics Society, that became the first organization to have formally abandoned "Junk DNA" as a scientific term.

In a collective effort to "re-think" Genetics as we knew it before several of the key concepts (genes, Junk DNA, Central Dogma) became demonstrably obsolete, in my opinion Jules Ruis has very significantly contributed to the use of fractals both in basic research and applied technologies.”

Jean-Paul Close, Founder STIR Foundation, Stad van Morgen, City of Tomorrow,, Stichting Transformation, Indexation & Research, says:
“Jules is special. He has passion, vision and explores the unexplored. I know him from his passion for the Evoluon symbol of Eindhoven in The Netherlands. I also know him for his research on the density of personal networks on LinkedIN. Incredible, witty and making people think. Just like everything Jules does! Remarkable, surprising and hence highly recommendable.

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For examples of 3d printed fractal objects:

For 3D Juliabulbs animations:
For more information E-mail to: Info(at)fractal(dot)org

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