Pittsfield MA Perio, Dr. Michael Williams, Is Now Accepting Gum Disease Patients With Receding Gums And Missing Teeth For Gum Grafting And Dental Implants Procedures

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Dr. Michael J. Williams uses a combination of dental implants and gum grafting to repair damage from gum disease and missing teeth. If teeth are missing because of gum disease, the gums have often receded until teeth were lost. In order to repair this kind of problem, implants can replace the teeth and gum grafting procedures are used to protect the teeth from bacteria. Gum grafting also makes the gums look more natural. Even people with dentures may require implants or gum repair.

Picture of Dr. Williams, a periodontist, in Pittsfield MA.

Dr. Michael Williams of Pittsfield MA prepares teeth for dental implants with gum grafting procedures.

Michael J. Williams, D.M.D, P.C., treats patients who suffer from periodontal disease with a number of different procedures. Each patient is different and requires unique solutions to their dental issues. Some may have receding gums and require gum grafting while others may require dentures or dental implants. Many patients need a combination of implants and gum grafts.

Millions of adults living in America have periodontal disease, yet many of them do not immediately seek treatment. Some feel that the gum pain is a minimal distraction and simply put it off. When gums tend to bleed, they may continue to put it off, simply assuming that it won't last very long. Gum recession can occur, and if it is allowed to continue unchecked, teeth can become loose, shift in the mouth and even be lost. At this point, one of the best solutions is to treat the patient for gum disease and to install dental implants to replace the teeth that have been lost.

Implants can help hold the other teeth in place and provide strength to the jaw. However, if the gums were quite recessed, it will be necessary to have a gum grafting procedure to adjust the gum line and protect the rest of the natural teeth. If many teeth have been lost, dentures may be the solution of choice. Many people today prefer a denture that is supported by an implant for greater strength and durability.

Dr. Williams understands that the longer patients go without treatment, the more aggressive the treatment will usually need to be. Helping patients get early treatment can prevent the need for such procedures as gum grafting or surgically installing dental implants. For more information about recognizing periodontal disease and treatment options visit http://www.pittsfieldlanap.com.

Dr. Michael J. Williams leads a periodontal practice offering patients personalized dental care for Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Williams is a graduate of the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine, the top dental school in the nation. He received his certification as a specialist in Periodontology from the University of Connecticut. Continuing his education, he became a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Williams is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. Williams and his dental services or dental implant costs visit his website at http://www.pittsfieldlanap.com or call (413) 442-7855.

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