Polls Find Beer Drinkers Actively Engaged in Politics, says SaveOnBrew

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This political season has been fraught with mud-slinging and heated debates. A Beer Institute Poll found that beer drinkers are more interested in politics than the World Series or NFL games. SaveOnBrew’s own polling found that most beer drinkers are leaning toward the Republican nominee because they fear tax hikes on beer. More information can be found at http://www.SaveOnBrew.com.

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The survey of 1,000 voters found that 66 percent of regular beer drinkers will watch the presidential debates – more than those who said they’d watch the World Series or an NFL game.

The Beer Institute released a poll last month that found 9 out of 10 voters agree that “raising taxes on beer will mean working class consumers will have to pay more.” Furthermore, the survey of 1,000 voters found that 66 percent of regular beer drinkers will watch the presidential debates – more than those who said they’d watch the World Series or an NFL game this season.

Similarly, SaveOnBrew.com – the internet’s only beer price search engine – conducted a poll of 1,000 beer drinkers last month. Surprisingly, they found that nearly 75 percent of beer drinkers surveyed identified themselves as “Republicans” or right-leaning – at least in this election cycle.

“Frankly, we were surprised the results were so starkly polarized,” says SaveOnBrew’s Mark Davidson. “There were a considerable number of independents and people who voted for Obama that jumped ship because they said they feared tax hikes. In 2010, 45 percent of what beer drinkers paid all went toward taxes.”

Davidson explains that he got the idea to conduct the poll after tremendous backlash from readers over a blog entry published about Obama brewing beer in the White House. “The blog was not meant to be political at all,” he says. “It simply stated that beer was being brewed in the White House for the first time since George Washington… gee, isn’t that neat? But we received tons of comments from people who were really upset about what they viewed as lip-service to Obama. That made us wonder: What percentage of beer drinkers are staunchly Republican?”

Economic analysis suggests that brewing and beer imports added $223.8 billion to the economy, including $71.2 billion in wages and benefits and $44 billion in tax revenue. “Beer has become a very political issue in this election,” Davidson explains. “In some of those swing states, the President was handing out White House beer to boost his likability ratings – and from what I can tell, it was working. The beer was solid! Meanwhile, Paul Ryan was in his home state of Wisconsin, where he declared that his veins run with cheese, bratwurst and Miller.”

This month, SaveOnBrew published a chart which shows beer preferences. According to the survey, Shiner Bock drinkers lean furthest to the right, while Heineken drinkers lean furthest to the left. Coors, Miller, Michelob Ultra and Blue Moon were other Republican favorites. Democrats preferred brands like Stella Artois, Guinness, Becks and any type of hard cider. People who drank Bud Select, Corona and Lone Star were least likely to vote. Drinkers of Sierra Nevada were, by far, most likely to vote.    

Consumers can visit http://www.SaveOnBrew.com for more data and the best prices on local beer.

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