ABA Unveils OScan; Intelligent Scanning Shields Databases from Bad and Embarrassing Data Originating from Online Sources

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Offensive screening for data quality automates and simplifies the complexity of identifying and filtering offensive or flipplant content

ABA, Inc., a leading provider of data quality and data preparation solutions, launched OScan to meet the needs of organizations that want to protect their business and brand by shielding corporate databases from flippant, foul and offensive data originating from social media, online communities and user-generated content.

Organizations that use data from social sources, or rely on visitors to fill out online forms, or have a site that lets visitors submit text, run the risk of embarrassing and potentially damaging data finding its way into the organization. As the number of data sources increases, the potential for bad data increases. OScan automates the process and simplifies the complexity of scanning data entered online to identify and filter flippant or offensive words and phrases.

“More and more, businesses are using social media, leveraging online communities and relying on user-generated content to better engage and interact with customers, prospects, partners and employees,” explains Andy Bellinghieri, CEO and President of ABA, Inc. “The sources and formats of data are almost endless and the potential business benefits virtually limitless – but what happens when the data is flippant, foul or offensive? Understanding if data is offensive or flippant is more than a simple lookup. Should Dick Smith be flagged? Probably not, but Mickey Mouse most likely should.”

To ensure that only quality data passes through for processing, OScan uses a five-level rating system to identify non-offensive, flippant/bogus, mildly offensive (childish humor), offensive (sexual connotation) and highly offensive (ethnic slurs) data. Once a language is specified to set context, OScan understands which language it is scanning and the degree of offensiveness or flippancy of the word within that language. OScan returns the highest rating found in the scanned text while minimizing false positives and false negatives; and provides users with the information needed to address bad data before it becomes a problem.

OScan is a callable routine that can be quickly and easily added to the workflow of other applications or integrated with existing software. Designed for high throughput and operating efficiency, OScan requires little in the way of computing resources. A user-maintainable, multi-lingual Knowledgebase allows users to edit and add to the almost 8,000 entries – providing users with direct and total control over their offensive scanning.

OScan features include:

  • Text scanning. Automates the process of scanning text entered online to ensure only quality data finds its way to your database and application.
  • Extensive Knowledgebase. A user-maintainable, multi-language Knowledgebase that includes over 8,000 entries provides users with direct and total control over offensive scanning.
  • Knowledgebase Administrator with Graphical User Interface. Enables users to customize and fine-tune the Knowledgebase to meet specific requirements.
  • Intelligent language support. OScan is language-context sensitive. It understands the language it is scanning, and how offensive or flippant the text is within that language.
  • Five-level rating system. Applies a five-level rating system to determine the level of offensiveness or flippancy. The highest rating level will be returned.
  • Platform support. Runs on Windows, Linux, Unix and IBM mainframe platforms.
  • Flexible interfaces. Seamlessly callable from C, C++, Java and Cobol.

“Bad data not only looks bad, it affects your bottom line,” concludes Bellinghieri. “The longer bad data resides in your database, the more difficult it is to detect and correct. And the longer it stays, the more costly it becomes. What’s needed is an automated way to interpret data in context, understand slang and see past misspellings. OScan empowers organizations to protect their business and brand by scanning for data quality at the source, and shielding the database from bad data.”

OScan is available immediately. For more information, visit http://www.accessaba.com.

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