New Paint Meter Tool Rental Service Helps Car Shoppers Avoid Cars that Have Been in Accidents and Provides Leverage Against Deceitful Car Salesmen

Share Article provides a new rental service for their Carfidant Tool (a paint thickness gauge/paint meter) which helps car shoppers distinguish previously damaged vehicles by electronically examining the paint. The Carfidant Tool is the only true way to find an all original car that has not been in an accident, something no vehicle history reporting service can ever offer. helps car shoppers purchase reliable, quality vehicles and avoid making dangerous and expensive mistakes!

The Carfidant Tool (a sophisticated paint thickness gauge/paint meter) from helps car shoppers perform their own pre-purchase inspection and verify the integrity of the car body by electronically examining the paint and helping determine if the car is all original or has been previously wrecked or repainted in only a few minutes. The Carfidant Tool is the only way to truly know if a car has been in an accident, or has had some type of body or paint work. recently launched a low cost rental service for their Carfidant Tool to make it affordable for every driver! This is the first time a paint thickness gauge is available for rent. Previously these tools have been exclusive to car dealers because of their high price tags, up to $1000. However, now car shoppers can rent one starting at only $39.99! The Carfidant Tool is a great bargaining tool against any car dealer and can be used unlimited amount of times on any number of vehicles!

It is not necessary to have any special technical knowledge or experience with cars as The Carfidant Tool is very easy to use so anyone can check a whole car in only a few minutes! will include detailed visual instructions on how to use the tool as well as a free “how to buy a used car” guide, general car shopping tips, advice, and even expose many dealership hidden secrets as part of the package!

Most car shoppers are not aware that such a device exists and that they can physically use the Carfidant Tool much like an x-ray for the car body. Car dealers prefer to keep this tool a secret and use it to their advantage. Typically when a car shopper goes to a car dealership, they will check out the car, listen to what the dealer says and probably ask for a CarFax - assuming that if the CarFax does not show any serious issues the car is reliable. Unfortunately this is not always the case. CarFax as well as Autocheck and other vehicle history reports do not provide the whole picture of the car as they only offer the officially reported information. Furthermore even some officially reported information is not always present - such as vehicle accident reports, salvage insurance auctions, and much more. There is also the chance that the accident or damage was never reported for one reason or another, and it was repaired by a previous owner at their cost.

Many dealers will purchase wrecked cars with clean history reports, repair them and sell them as perfect condition vehicles with clean vehicle histories to unsuspecting buyers. Often times those buyers will fall victim to dishonest car dealers looking to make a profit by not disclosing important car history information which would otherwise discourage the purchase. The buyers may never know this information until much later, if even at all, when the vehicle starts giving them costly repairs or even worse unexpectedly break down on the road. These repaired vehicles can be extremely dangerous because of defective, poor quality and cheap aftermarket replacement parts as well as cheap and inexperienced labor involved with the repair. These vehicles may end up having inoperable or counterfeit airbags or other non-working safety systems as well as structural integrity issues and other mechanical and electrical problems. Such major issues are very dangerous and are often irreparable.

Previously damaged cars are worth at least 10%-50% less than their all original counterparts and it is necessary for car shoppers to know this before making an expensive and dangerous mistake! provides a new and better alternative to traditional auto history reports such as CarFax and AutoCheck. For the first time ever, car shoppers are able to rent the Carfidant paint meter tool and use it to avoid cars that have been in an accident. Finally there is a tool that provides car shoppers with leverage against deceitful car salesmen!

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