An X-Ray Machine for the Mind: A New Type of Psychological Measurement

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MindSonar is a new web based system that measures how people think and what they find important.

A Different kind of Test
Dutch psychologists have released a new measurement that is different from almost all other psychological tests. Personality tests will say what someone is like as a person; always and everywhere. Some earlier personality tests like the MMPI will even say how sick or healthy someones personality is in psychiatric terms. MindSonar is different. It measures how people think in a given situation. MindSonar assumes that people may think differently in different situations. MindSonar founder Jaap Hollander: "Obviously, when you are playing with your kid, you won't think in the same way as when you are writing a paper. At least I hope you won't." Respondents are not ‘put in a box’ or ‘pinned to a type’. MindSonar does not assume that certain thinking styles are good or bad either. MindSonar is a flexible measurement that can actually be adapted to a given task, school, challenge, profession, company or whatever.

Who uses MindSonar?
MindSonar is being used all over the world by coaches, trainers, consultants and organizational developers. MindSonar helps them get to the heart of their clients thinking. They use MindSonar in prestigious organizations like the Dutch military (leadership development), a top German car brand (sales), a National sports federation (the selection of new jury members), an Olympic team (team building) and one of Europe's premier banks (marketing). And there are non-commercial applications of MindSonar as well; it is also used in volunteer groups, day care centers and schools.

Professional use only
MindSonar is not available as a do-it-yourself test on the web. MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of trained and certified MindSonar professionals. There is an important extra value in the guidance that a trained MindSonar professional can offer. The combination of the the professional and the measurement is much more powerful that just the measurement by itself. Also, MindSonar founder Jaap Hollander says: "Our professional network protects our database against contamination by frivolous responding".

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