Holistic Health Coach Tricia Cardone Offers New Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care Line

Summary: Tricia works with people that have gluten sensitivities and other related health concerns. Her clients would frequently ask her if she knew of a gluten free skin care line made from natural ingredients, without fragrances, parabens, or other allergenic substances. Holistic Health Coach Tricia Cardone has recently added the Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care Line from the UK to her product offerings. More information can be found at http://www.NHTHealthyLiving.com.

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Nutrional Health

Nutrional Health

Holistic Health Coach Tricia Cardone Offers New Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care Line

SHAWNEE ON DE, PA (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care Line from the UK has been getting a lot of attention from the media lately. According to the Sophyto website, they have been featured in Vogue, The Metro, Australian Womens Weekly and Womens Health & Fitness, this line is not only gluten-free, but also free from parabens, animal byproducts, animal testing, fragrances, artificial colors, fillers and processed nutrients. Of the botanical ingredients found within the product line, 90 percent are certified organic. Sophyto skincare is formulated for all skin types to restore youthfulness, moisture and pH balance. The line consists of a cleanser, brightening treatment, anti-aging serum and moisturizer.
Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care products were created in 2008, following eight years of research and development. According to the Sophyto website, celebrities like Debbie Gibson, Kim Poirier, Darren Darnborough, Jodelle Ferland and Daryl Hannah have publicly endorsed Sophyto products. Company Founder Karen Drake Sinclair released her line of natural beauty care to be sold in professional spas and doctor’s offices. Retailers do not always carry ground-breaking new products, so most people go to health practitioners to find them.

Holistic Health Coach Tricia Cardone is now carrying the entire Sophyto line as a natural extension of her services. Tricia has over 15 years of experience in holistic field of healthy living and nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor specializing in gluten-free, dairy-free living. Her blog packed full of nutrition data and healthy recipes was rated one of the “Top 100 Health Coach Blogs” in 2012 by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

“Much of my health advice is tailored to people who want to live a healthier lifestyle and suffer from gluten sensitivities and auto-immune health concerns,” Tricia Cardone explains. “I’m really excited to offer this line to my coaching clients and to my online customers as a way to promote a healthier lifestyle. I feel it is important to use products that do not contain harsh chemicals or other allergenic ingredients – so the Sophyto line is really a slam-dunk.”

She adds, “Diet is a huge factor in how our skin looks and feels. But, naturally, it also matters what products you use on your skin as well. In my holistic health practice, I really look at how the foods we eat and the products we use affect the body. Interested individuals can find the Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care Line in Tricia Cardone’s online store at http://www.NHTHealthyLiving.com. You can also visit her blog at http://www.APassionForHealthyLiving.com where you can contact Tricia directly for one-on-one health coaching.
About: TRICIA CARDONE, CN™, CHHC, Tricia is a graduate of the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition® school, located in NYC, and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® is a holistic educational experience that draws from a wide variety of health and wellness philosophies and theories. This training has inspired her to pursue her passion of teaching clients about whole food nutrition, healthy cooking, and holistic approaches to healthy living. 

Her passion is working with those that suffer with various auto-immune health concerns and gluten sensitivity.  She is a (CGP) Certified Gluten Practitioner and is Tier 1 Certified through The Gluten Free Society She is currently working on her Tier 2 Certification. With more than 15 years in the field, this Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach conducts one-on-one health counseling, runs a popular blog, and sells products for health-conscious consumers in her online store.