Daniel de Borah Wins $25,000 in Australian National Piano Award

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Monster Music, a music tuition agency in Australia, congratulates de Borah and states a case for the lessening of age requirements for music competitions.

Monster Music

On behalf of Monster Music, I’d like to congratulate Daniel de Borah for winning the Australian National Piano Award.

Daniel de Borah, who at 31 years of age is considered “too old” to enter many piano competitions, won the Australian National Piano Award (ANPA) contested in Shepparton, beating out Nicholas Young, who is ten years younger than de Borah.

Many in higher music circles populated by those such as de Borah see contests like the ANPA, which is open only to Australians, as practice runs for international music competitions such as the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia (SIPCA).

De Borah, though, sees it differently: “That is the accepted wisdom, but in fact the age limits of the ANPA are higher than most international competitions, and would suggest that they are looking for more experienced and rounded musicians.”

It must be noted here that the ANPA is open to musicians from 21-35 years of age. As a point of comparison, the SIPCA is open to contestants between 17-30 years of age. De Borah is ineligible for the SIPCA, so the ANPA certainly couldn’t be considered a “practice run.”

De Borah has an impressive resume, but he built most of it outside of Australia. He studied at the Liszt Academy of Music, in Budapest, Hungary. He followed the Liszt Academy by studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the St Petersburg State Conservatoire in Russia. De Borah has also given recitals in London at the Southbank Centre and the Wigmore Hall, and also performed in Townsville at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music. De Borah was very happy to come back to Australia and compete: “As I was always studying abroad, I had never managed to enter the Australian National Piano Award until now, so I guess you could say it has been a case of better late than never.”

De Borah also commented that he was proud to add his name to the list of his musical colleagues and friends who have won the competition in past years.

Monster Music proprietor Danny Achurch, who owns an online music directory for anyone looking for music teachers in Australia, was happy for de Borah: “On behalf of Monster Music, I’d like to congratulate Daniel de Borah for winning the Australian National Piano Award. Maybe a victory like this could make competitions such as the Sydney International Piano Competition take notice and abolish their age limits.”

Achurch continued, “We’ve seen a lot of music teachers give a lot of music lessons to many students, and we firmly believe that music is a unifying force that renders age irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are; it only matters that you want to play music and are willing to put in the time to do so.”

Achurch concluded: “Does being younger help? Sure. Does starting younger help? Definitely. But music doesn’t have an expiration date, and neither does talent. Music is my life, and I’ve known people of all ages who feel the same way. I’ve even known families with three generations of musicians who can find common ground through music and play together. I would rather see all age restrictions lifted and let talent decide who should compete.”

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