Reverse Phone Number Search Agency Sees Surge In Customer Usage After Design Changes

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After introducing new website designs that sought to increase customer usability, Docusearch is proud to announce that such digital updates have, in fact, contributed to the company’s increase in online traffic. These updates include an overhaul to the displayed content, condensing and cutting unnecessary information into easy-to-digest nuggets. These updates also included a customer reviews section, which encouraged customer interactivity with the company, giving customers a chance to voice their opinions. All of these contributions have resulted in a surge of customers using Docusearch’s Reverse Phone Number Search service, which comes with a No-Hit-No-Fee guarantee for all customers.

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These updates reflect our company’s dedication to providing customers with a streamlined experience. From the moment you hit our website, we’re constantly catering to your needs.

Docusearch, a Forbes favorite and leading provider of investigative services, has seen a spike in customer services after finishing their most recent website design changes. These design changes revolved around the addition of new information tabs, which specialized on condensing and displaying crucial information within a digestible format. Each tab ensures that the customer receives need-to-know information without must need for searching, ensuring that the customer continues to have a satisfying experience with Docusearch. One of the leading areas that have seen the largest surge is the company’s Reverse Phone Number Search, a service that can find a name and address associated with any working phone number. As long as a customer provides the area code and a working phone number, the company returns the aforementioned information within one business day. When asked about the increase in digital traffic, a Docusearch team member said:

“If you think about it, it makes sense. People want information that is easily accessible. Who wants to read a book about a single service? These updates reflect our company’s dedication to providing customers with a streamlined experience. From the moment you hit our website, we’re constantly catering to your needs, from a Reverse Phone Number Search to a License Plate Check. Since these design changes have shown proven results, we intend to keep moving forward with new marketing concepts and updates to our website.”


Docusearch attributes the increase in traffic to the company’s diligence in integrating the customer review section into the website’s design and content. According to a Docusearch team member, the company wanted customers to feel encouraged to express themselves, which meant the customer review section had to be easily noticed, accessible, and simple to use. If the review section was in any way complicated or clunky, it would deter an individual from using the section, claims a Docusearch team member. Moreover, a loss of customer reviews would be a long-term loss of search engine contributions, something no company desires.

As an example, when a customer adds a new review to, say, Reverse Cell Phone Number Search, this content is considered “fresh and new,” by all the big search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo, for example. In addition to allowing a customer the ability to discuss the company, it also provides the company with an easy means of updating their website. In the eyes of a search engine, each review is viewed as an addition to the website. This makes it easy for a company like Docusearch to maintain constant updates, thus continuing the surge of traffic. It’s a cyclical loop.


As an investigative agency dealing with sensitive material, Docusearch understands the need to promote transparency within the customer-company relationship. The customer review section, which is designed around allowing the public to speak their opinion, increases this transparency in all of Docusearch’s services, including its Reverse Phone Number Lookup. All of this open communication via customer reviews puts some of the power into the customer’s hands, which takes trust and willingness on Docusearch’s part. Combined, all of this proves the trustworthiness of Docusearch and its ability to fulfill an individual’s investigative needs.

The current surge of customers stands as an example of what a company’s website can do, if it is easy to use, promotes customer communication, and provides a satisfying experience.
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