Haque Chiropractic and Don’s Lifestyle Fitness Announces Release of “Quick and Easy Weight loss for Back Pain Sufferers!” Exercise DVD

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This Exercise DVD gives people who suffer with low back pain and who also want to drop fat an easy and safe way to exercise in 30 minutes or less

Haque Chiropractic, Inc. and Don’s Lifestyle Fitness Inc. today announced the release of their new exercise DVD, “Finally! Quick and Easy Weight loss Exercise for Back Pain Sufferers” to truly give the person who has chronic back pain and has wanted to get into shape safely and quickly.

“In talking with several of my back pain patients who are also dealing with losing weight, one thing that has become very clear to me and Don was that there is a huge need for people who have back pain to find a safe, easy and inexpensive option for them to learn to strengthen their backs, lose weight and get into better shape conveniently. It is apparent that not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer and/or have the time to spend in the gym trying to rehab their back pain and lose weight” said Dr. Anita Haque, Chiropractor and ACE Certified Personal trainer. “That’s why with my expertise on back pain and spinal injuries along with Don’s creative ability to design exercise routines that gear towards total body strengthening and fat burning, our new exercise DVD is designed to help those people specifically who wants to lose weight, strengthen their backs and safely get into shape.”

This exercise DVD is not for everyone. It is specifically for the person who has back pain and wants to feel better, burn fat, doesn’t want to spend the time and money on hiring a personal trainer, doesn’t have a lot of time to spend exercising and doesn’t want to purchase any expensive equipment.

“The initial response to this DVD has been better than I expected as many of my patients are on a waiting list for the release of this exercise DVD,” continued Dr. Anita. “I think what we’re seeing here is that my patients are drawn to the benefit of exercising in 30 minutes or less in the comfort of their own home as well.”

“Unlike the masses of exercise DVDs with the hype of getting a six pack with dangerous routines for the person who has a delicate back, this exercise DVD is to help those specifically with back injuries and chronic stiffness not only lose weight and get into shape, but to help strengthen their backs and may also safely ease their discomfort too. Don and I knew that when we developed these exercises they had to be rehabilitative in nature along with fat burning.” Said Dr. Anita Haque.

With this exercise DVD, the person who has back pain and weight to lose will now be able to:

  •     Look and feel better
  •     Complete a full body workout in 30 minutes or less
  •     Have 3 routines to choose from
  •     Gain strength for their spine and back
  •     Gain flexibility
  •     Burn fat
  •     Have the benefit of a Personal Trainer and Chiropractor training them in their own home
  •     Not have to purchase any expensive equipment
  •     Affordable to purchase. Price $39.95

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Anita Haque and Don Parker are experts in back pain treatment and exercise. Dr. Anita Haque, co-author of The Chiropractic Way to Health is a practicing chiropractor for over 8 years and is also an ACE certified personal trainer. Her husband, Don Parker, a certified personal trainer has been helping people lose weight and eat right for over 12 years in his facility. Together they have a combined facility in Livermore, California and help thousands of people combat spinal problems and weight gain. Together they recently developed an exercise DVD for people who suffer with lower back pain who want to lose weight and exercise safely in 30 minutes at home without any equipment.

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