Altior Announces CeDeFS Storage Optimization Software for Linux Operating System

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Altior’s CeDeFS storage optimization software provides a perfect solution for Archival, SSD Caching, Big Data and Cloud Computing applications.

Hadoop Storage Acceleration

Altior Hadoop Storage Acceleration

By offering CeDeFS as a software product we can bring the benefits of high performance data optimization to a much larger base of users.

Altior Inc. announces availability of CeDeFS, Data Optimization software product for Linux Operating Systems. CeDeFS provides the ability for all Linux applications to transparently realize the benefits of software compression - Reduced Storage requirement, Enhanced Disk IOPs, and Application Acceleration.

Altior’s CeDeFS is the first transparent Filter Layer SW in Linux OS that automates Data Compression for all Applications. CeDeFS provides Data Compression without the need to modify Dataflow, does not need Linux Kernel recompilation, and is Application agnostic. This would allow end-users to continue with Linux OS and avoid the transition to more expensive Operating Systems solution for Data Compression.

By using GZIP or LZO data compression algorithms, CeDeFS can expand disk capacity up to 6x. CeDeFS allows the user to significantly reduce the expense of meeting the ever increasing demand for data storage. CeDeFS allows the user to select either high compression ratio GZIP or high-throughput LZO algorithms, depending on the specific applications need.

CeDeFS provides the following important benefits:
Increased storage capacity: CeDeFS with software compression allows the user to store as much as six times the data into their current disk arrays. Key applications include Primary Storage, Secondary Storage or Archival, SSD based Caching, and Big Data storage applications such as Hadoop.

Transparent to users and applications: CeDeFS operates as a filter layer in the file system and is completely transparent to users and applications. Unlike traditional compression utilities there is no need to modify applications or workflows. CeDeFS is compatible with all Linux File and Storage management systems (EXT3, EXT4, XFS, NFS, LVM, iSCSI, FC/SAN), and is available for RedHat, CentOS and SUSE versions of Linux.

Application Acceleration: Since data is compressed on disk, it can be read back and delivered to the application at rates that exceed the underlying speed of the disk itself. This accelerates I/O bound applications that are spending time waiting for I/O completion.

OPEX improvements: When data is compressed in storage fewer disks can contain more data. This in turn yields improvements in operating expense by reducing the cost of power and cooling along with improving MTBF per terabyte stored. Additionally, in case of SSDs, CeDeFS extends MTBF due to fewer IOPs.

CeDeFS is now available as a software only product. The SW version of CeDeFS is suitable for systems that have spare CPU cycles for Data Compression, or systems that may not be able to add HW Accelerator cards. As a software product, CeDeFS is also perfectly suited for a cloud computing environment, where the user may not be able to modify server hardware configurations. It also allows data optimization to migrate from system to system as required by the dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure. CeDeFS software is also an effective solution for archival storage, where the maximum storage capacity is desired.

“By offering CeDeFS as a software product we can bring the benefits of high performance data optimization to a much larger base of users” said Ramana Jampala Altior CEO. “In Archival, cloud computing environments, or Big Data environments, Storage is often the largest cost component. CeDeFS will repay its investment almost immediately in reduced infrastructure charges.”

CeDeFS software product is available immediately. Licensing is available as a one-time fee or as a yearly SAAS license agreement. For more information please contact Altior Sales at 1-732-440-1280 ext. 242 or email sales(at)altior(dot)com.

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