Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer Calls for Rhode Island Drivers to Discontinue Driving with Pets

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Rhode Island personal injury lawyer calls for Rhode Island drivers to cease driving with their pets unless they are have necessary pet car restraints.

Many car accident victims in the state of Rhode Island are injured because of distracted driving due to pets. We should all support legislation designed to reduce the number of car accidents which result from distracted driving with unrestrained pets.

The personal injury law offices of Kevin P. Landry, P.C. today announced that due to an increased incidence of distracted driving involving pets, motorists should cease driving with pets unless they have necessary pet car restraints. Rhode Island House Bill 7926, which would prohibit dogs from sitting in the lap of the driver of a motor vehicle has generated interest among some Rhode Island personal injury lawyers. In recent months, Rhode Island car accident lawyers have represented numerous clients who have suffered an auto accident injury due to the vehicle being operated by a distracted driver. This distraction is frequently from the driver’s pet.

"As a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer, I see many victims who unfortunately need highly competent representation from a Rhode Island car accident lawyer whether the accident occurs in Providence or any other community within Rhode Island. Many of these car accident victims have been injured as the result of distracted driving involving pets. My hope is to create more awareness of this issue and reduce the amount of personal injuries due to car accidents in Rhode Island relating to pet distraction", explained Kevin Landry, lead personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Kevin P Landry, P.C. "Rhode Island personal injury lawyers should wholeheartedly support legislation designed to reduce the number of car accidents which result from driving with unrestrained pets. My aim is to increase awareness of this issue and of all personal injury laws in the state that would affect any Rhode Island personal injury attorney, as well as any and all car accident victims in the state of Rhode Island”.

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“It's important to provide personal injury law expertise in Rhode Island to the victims of these unfortunate car accidents, most of which occur in Providence, Warwick, Cranston and Woonsocket; but affect many other communities within the state of Rhode Island,” Landry continued. As a Rhode Island car accident lawyer who is extremely familiar with the injuries associated with car and motorcycle accidents, Mr. Landry is extraordinarily qualified to take on these types of cases, while helping represent those who have been injured in car accidents due to pet distraction.

Personal Injury Law and Distracted Driving

Texting is the one activity that comes to mind when the phrase “distracted driving” is used. However, it's hardly the only activity that can be classified in this category. Any use of cell phones such as making a phone call, surfing the web, checking email messages or Facebook all have the same effect of diverting the drivers attention from the roadway.

Thirty-nine jurisdictions, including all the New England States and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation banning texting while driving.

Now state legislatures are looking to expand the existing driving while distracted laws into areas which have never been addressed before. This newest distracted driving ban involves driving with pets.

The leader in cases of driving with pets is the State of New Jersey. New Jersey is now threatening to take action against drivers who allow their pets to roam free in the vehicle. If the pending legislation is signed into law, drivers would have to secure the pet or face a ticket between $250.00 and $1,000.00 and possible 6 months in jail. Pets would be required to be secured with a seatbelt.

The proposed personal injury law in New Jersey which is similar to that proposed in Rhode Island, reasons that pets roaming free in the car distracts the driver. There are additional safety issues for the animal as well. In a car crash, unsecured pets can be tossed about in the vehicle or even ejected suffering severe trauma to themselves and to occupants of the car during the car accident.

“Distracted driving is a huge problem on the roads today leading to multiple car accidents. Rhode Island personal injury attorneys will have to sort out the legal ramifications of the proposed law designed to minimize these horrific car accidents. These distraction events lead to higher insurance rates as well as personal injury that usually requires medical attention,” Landry said.

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer Warns Drivers of Driving With Pets

“Driving with pets,” the veteran Providence personal injury lawyer continued “leads to car accidents and the public needs to be aware of the dangers of any type of distracted driving. For the safety of the driving public, expect more driving while distracted laws to be enacted very soon in Rhode Island. We all need to get serious about the safety on our State’s roads.”

Landry said his firm will continue to stand beside those who are injured in car wrecks due to driving with pets, as well as other forms of distracted driving, such as texting while driving, talking on cell phones and browsing the Internet. “Distracted driving is the number one cause of automobile accident deaths in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. You should expect that pet distraction laws will soon come to Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod to better protect people from being injured in car accidents”, said Landry.

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