Why Should We Even Care Whether Reincarnation is Real? An Upcoming Book by Paul Alnezian

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Should we just let the scholars with secure jobs treat it as an intellectual debate when it’s a matter of life and death?

The author, Paul Alnezian

Life and everything that happens in it, are no accidents.

When we are bombarded by trivial news and information every day, it’s understandable to react with scorn. After all, the prevailing thoughts of most people in the world concern finding a job, holding onto one, or even just surviving.

If someone awakens one morning and is shocked to find himself in jail, wouldn’t such a person question why he’s there -- whether there was a mass-murder he does not remember committing, or a simple case of mistaken identity that might be resolved before the end of the day?

Most people question why they’re in jail and would be very relieved to discover mistaken identity and not murder. Yet most people never question the reason for their difficulties and suffering in life. Our JudeoChristian environment -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- does not offer answers to such questions, regardless of whether we are believers or not.

In his upcoming book entitled "Is That All There Is?", Paul Yalnezian makes a compelling argument, backed by scientific research, that there are no accidents in life. There is always a reason for everything. There is no action without a reaction, no cause without effect, and “what we sow is what we reap!” And this universal law applies not just to this life, but to our many lives as well.

Each life and its circumstances are the result, the effect, the reaction to actions in a previous life or lives. This law affects all of us every day, whether we acknowledge it, understand it, or believe it! If we deny it, belittle it, ignore it, disregard it, the laws do not change. It is like getting a speeding ticket when you did not know you were speeding. You will still get a ticket!

Understanding this law and using it to our best advantage is like trying to understand why we are in jail and thinking of ways to reduce the sentence. We are compelled to acknowledge that we ourselves are the cause of everything that is happening in our lives, that there is no accident in life, no injustice, no unfairness, no discrimination by a “God.”

Though “spirituality” is often regarded with suspicion and skepticism, "Is That All There Is?" clearly explains the meaning and purpose of life through the concept of reincarnation – and without resorting to a religious, an esoteric, or “new age” slant. Instead, Paul Yalnezian offers contemporary scientific research and evidence, to which he adds logical interpretations, practical applications and usefulness in our daily lives. These insights range far and wide, from the choice of a mate or a career to “why things happen to good people.” Is That All There Is? includes a whole lot!

Book launch in December 2012. Pre-publication review copies are available. To schedule an interview, request a review copy, pre-purchase one or for further information, contact: Paul Alnezian at http://www.PaulAlnezian.com. (818) 415-6796.

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